Tamra Barney cast Simon aside and found her true-true love in Eddie, but she and Simon still have three kids together. And Simon does not want his children to have anything to do with Real Housewives of Orange County – or any its spinoffs! Is Simon smarter than I remember him being or just spiteful?

Simon has refused to allow his children to appear on the Real Housewives of Orange County since his split from Tamra and he wasn’t about to change his view for the wedding,” a production insider dished to RadarOnline about Tamra's upcoming 3-part wedding special. 

"Producers of the show had approached him to allow the kids to appear on the show, Tamra’s OC Wedding. The kids were even offered financial compensation. But Simon wouldn’t budge. He blocked it.” Tamra's oldest son Ryan will appear in the series, however. 


Simon confirmed on twitter that he refused to give consent to let his kids appear in the spinoff. Tamra recently complained that Simon was so against them filming he didn't even want the kids at her wedding.

Simon claims that is not true. "I never said I didn't want my kids @ her wedding. Only that they were not filmed to protect them," he retaliated. "Prod.has been all over me to allow them to be filmed these last few Years.Trying to appeal 2 my ego and wallet," he added. 

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"Simon says he’s protecting Sidney, Spencer and Sophia by not allowing them to appear on camera and preserving their privacy, even though they’d previously appeared when he and Tamra were together,” the insider explained. 

Simon posted on twitter today that during his time on RHOC when the kids did appear they had a "written addendum" to the contract to get his permission every time the kids filmed and appeared. After the divorce he says, "With me gone,I wasn't going to trust them to have the kids best interest." 

As for why he's had a change of heart, Simon explained, “There’s a BIG difference in the show’s reputation back then, then now. It’s embarrassing.” 

I also think that their children being pre-teens and teens its a more precarious time for them to be participating in reality TV. The 100 episode special all but confirmed that the older RHOC kids were unhappy with their teen years being captured by cameras!

Tonight is a brand new episode of RHOC, and talk about embarrassing! Lydia hauls the ladies (including Lauri) to Canada for some rumbling in the snow. Vicki and Lauri get into a serious argument when her accusations come to light and Vicki flips out The Shining style. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the ablondible snowladies acting atrociously in a foreign country. Don't miss it! 

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