The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5

Kenya Moore has been battling with her landlord over unpaid rent and despite claiming that her landlord, Coya Dillon Weems was using her for publicity, the two met in court yesterday.

In addition to spending time in a Fulton Co. Courthouse yesterday, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star also got a visit from the cops at the home she is leasing from Coya! Someone called them and made a report of suspicious vehicles parked outside the home. It turns out they were only moving trucks as Kenya – who claims her lease was up in June – was moving out. 


Following that Kenya headed in to court. Both ladies claim to be the victor.

"Today’s victory proves that celebrities can fight back and not be victimized by people who wish to lie about them and use their name for the sake of publicity,” Kenya yammered to RadarOnline.

Coya tells a different story. “I am blessed and very relieved she has to vacate my home,” she shares. “I don’t care what Kenya is telling everybody… She lied about renting the home and about her boyfriend, amongst other things."

“She begged me to lease my home and live a pretend lifestyle she couldn’t afford. She will get hers in the end – no doubt… I don’t live a fake life," Coya added.

“I am disappointed that Kenya hasn’t used her pageant life experience to be more of a model citizen for young girls. She is definitively no role model. It is apparent that she is lonely, bitter and very unhappy.” So, I take it Coya isn't a Krayonce fan? Not buying her song on iTunes?

Coya isn't the only person ecstatic at Kenya's departure – her neighbors who previously called her the "neighbor from hell" are celebrating! 

The community is rejoicing,” one neighbor revealed. The community is "ecstatic that Kenya is finally ‘Gone With The Wind’ and their dog walkers can finally get back to their jobs without being questioned by paparazzi!” She's famous enough for paparazzi? Maybe 15 years ago…

Updated: Kenya took to Twitter to clear up any eviction confusion. 

kenya tweet

2nd Update:  Kenya and her landlord are due back in court on July 18th to see whether Kenya owes Conya any money (Kenya paid a $6,000 security deposit).  Kenya's attorney Marcia Fuller says that Kenya is planning to file a counterclaim against Conya "for defamation of character, slander and wrongful eviction."

See Kenya outside of the courthouse yesterday morning – twirling over her win – and read more about the case at Access Atlanta.

It should be noted that taping for season 6 of RHOA started this week, so it has us wondering if this mess will be a part of Kenya's storyline. 

[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]



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