Not paying your celebrity wedding planner is apparently the new thing to do when you've scored a Bravo wedding spinoff! First comes Kim Zolciak, then comes her on-and-off BFF NeNe Leakes!

NeNe and Gregg Leakes just staged a big, ol' fancy re-wedding for their new show I Dream Of NeNe. NeNe reportedly hired one of Atlanta's premiere wedding planners, Tiffany Cook, to plan the massive affair and racked up a MILLION dollar bill. And then she never paid! 

According to the suit Tiffany filed in Georgia, she claims NeNe promised to pay her "15% of the entire wedding budget PLUS fees design and execution of the wedding PLUS travel expenses to the event." 


Tiffany alleges NeNe's TOTAL budget for the wedding was a whopping $1.8 MILLION. Um… them Trump Checks run deeeep.

According to TMZ, Tiffany says her fee breakdown is as follows:

  • $270k (plus 15%) for her services
  • $889,900 for Design Fees            
  • $1,750 for 4 coach (HA!) tickets from Florida to Georgia. 

Tiffany says that NeNe did shell out for the initial $18,750 down payment, but she hasn't seen a penny since. So she is being forced to sue for the remaining balance of $1,142,900 million plus damages. And those damages bring the total bill up to $2.5 Million! 

Interesting tidbit: Tiffany also planned Kordell and Porsha Stewart's wedding. Bad omen…?

Even more interesting: NeNe denies ever hiring Tiffany Cook! Her rep tells TMZ a man named Tony Conway planned the affair (and was no doubt paid by Bravo). "This lawsuit has no merit and it appears to be a baseless attempt to grab 15 min of fame," NeNe's rep adds.

NeNe, of course doing what all good reality TV stars do, immediately took to twitter to dismiss the claims!

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 8.56.58 AM

She also implied Tiffany had some not so favorable reviews from past clients… 

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 8.57.06 AM

"Do Not make me put together my dream team of attorneys hunni! Phaedra Parks, Star Jones & the accident attorney Ken Nugent LOL,” NeNe joked.

In fairness to NeNe I can remember her tweeting about Tony while planning her wedding and thanking him after the event.

Real Housewives of Atlanta is filming now, so perhaps this lawsuit is a storyline to create some crossover drama? Wouldn’t surprise me…

[Photo Credit: Twitter]

I Dream Of NeNe premieres September 17th 

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