Gregg Leakes

Eva Marcille Thinks Marlo Hampton Is “The Biggest Diva In The Group”; Says Marlo Travels With Diamond Glasses & Cutlery

Eva Marcille has only been a “Housewife” for two episodes. She’s not making any waves, but I am living for her subtle shade. In contrast, Marlo Hampton couldn’t be subtle if her life depended on it. Marlo is the epitome of extra and I am here for it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: hand Marlo a peach. She is the perfect level of messy. Marlo stirs the pot just enough, without doing anything morally offensive. She just strikes that perfect balance. Not only that, but we really needed her for comic relief during that last episode. It was just too sad to see Gregg Leakes suffering at NeNe Leakes’ store opening. Marlo and her antics helped me get through it.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta in Miami to support NeNe

So far everyone is getting along on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, and it’s super nice. There’s a genuine energy to the show this season, as if the women are making a concerted effort to put the negativity behind them. Perhaps supporting NeNe Leakes has brought them together… But for how long? This is Real Housewives of Atlanta, after all. The peace won’t last for too long.

I do hope y’all are buckled up this season because Porsha Williams is already driving us crazy with the ‘Dennis this… ; Dennis that… Did you know Dennis uses the most perfect toothbrush ever. Those bristles were too soft; my bristles were too hard, but Dennis’s bristles are just right!

New Real Housewives Of Atlanta Tonight: Gregg Leakes Has Health Issues In Miami

Real Housewives of Atlanta is back for Season 11. One episode in, there has not been much “drama.” Even so, there is still one major storyline and it’s a tough one to watch. NeNe Leakes’ husband Gregg Leakes is battling cancer.

During tonight’s episode, NeNe and Gregg are in Florida for her store opening and comedy show. Porsha Williams’ new man Dennis McKinley is on the trip as well. Even though Porsha has been begging him for a proposal, she doesn’t want him to meet the cast just yet. Even so, the women still have a lot to say about him….as per usual.

Kandi Burruss

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 premiere gave us a glimpse at what we can expect from the ladies. Kandi Burruss discussed her desire to have another baby with Todd Tucker. She revealed that they still have two embryos from when they conceived their son Ace Wells Tucker. NeNe Leakes shared her struggles with husband Gregg Leakes’ cancer diagnosis. Both Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey have their new boyfriends.

Let’s be honest. Nothing actually “happened.” It was more of a catch up session with the friends in my head. With that said, there isn’t really much to discuss from the episode. Let’s hope that changes as the season progresses.


A new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta just started. That means we get to “meet” a new Cynthia Bailey boyfriend. This time she’s dating sportscaster Mike Hill. Thankfully there are no glaring red flags with this guy. Then again, we only got through episode one of the season.

Cynthia opened up about her new relationship. Of course this means she has a new hashtag. Long gone is #50Cynt. Now we have #CHill, which is admittedly clever.

Porsha Williams Says NeNe Leakes Is “Putting On A Brave Face” During Her Husband’s Cancer Battle

When Season 10 started out NeNe Leakes was on the warpath against Porsha Williams. It was completely understandable given all of the gossip that Porsha spread around during Season 9. Nevertheless, they worked through that and they’re back to being close friends.

If anyone can use a close friends these days, it’s NeNe. Her husband Gregg Leakes is struggling with Stage 3 cancer and it’s taking its toll on her.

Eva Marcille

Last year, Eva Marcille was a “Friend of the Housewives.” Now she is a full-time cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is back with a new baby and she’s in the middle of wedding planning. This means that there will probably be bridal shower drama, bachelorette party antics, and of course the wedding itself.

Not much happened during the first episode of Season 11. Personally, I think it’s because Kenya Moore did not return, but I still have hope for the rest of the season. The first episode was essentially a prologue to the season. We got caught up on everyone’s lives and laid the foundation for the season’s storylines.

Cynthia Bailey is sad about Will

I know I’m in the minority as a Kenya Moore fan, but I really don’t get why she did not get a full-time offer to return to Real Housewives of Atlanta. She’s a newlywed, a new mom, and she’s still the shade assassin that she always has been. Mark my words, Kenya’s departure is a major loss for the show. Major. Nevertheless, I’m going to tune in faithfully every Sunday night and I’ll end up watching every episode from this season. Multiple times.

One person who definitely misses Kenya’s presence on the show is Cynthia Bailey. Another cast member that has the exact opposite feelings is NeNe Leakes, who has been shading Kenya left and right on social media. With Cynthia stuck in the middle, this could have been an interesting storyline. If only Kenya was still on this show….