Former Real Housewives of Miami star Karent Sierra is one lucky lady!  Karent was involved in a car accident this afternoon and shared the scary photo of her crashed up Mercedes E350 on Instagram. 

Karent posted, "Happy to be alive after a car cut cross in front of me illegally. People really need to learn to drive. Material things can get replaced. #scarymoment #blessed #drivecarefully #car #accident #burntleg #airbags." 


Karent shared, "Thanks to a great car, might be w total loss though. Cars can get replaced."

Karent is banged up a little bit. but doing okay overall.  "I'm a little shaken up. Burned my legs some bc of the airbags & have some whiplash… But most importantly, I'm alive. Very thankful for that. Everything but me can get replaced. I'm a one and only, lol." 

We're glad Karent is safe and sound!

Photo Credit: Instagram



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