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Real Housewives Of Miami OG Alexia Echevarria Shares That She Will “Never Recover” From Frankie Rosello’s 2011 Car Crash

Alexia Echevarria has given Real Housewives of Miami so much since its debut season. Alexia has honestly showcased some of the rawest moments of her life from the get-go. It’s what makes the Cuban Barbie so endearing to watch, even when she’s totally in the wrong. We also know by now that Alexia fights hard for those she loves, especially her family.

It’s why after the latest RHOM episode, it’s clear that Adriana De Moura is in big trouble. She made a horrible analogy comparing Alexia’s son Frankie Rosello’s 2011 car crash to her stupid foot “injury.” Let us remember that Adriana fell on the beach after being bumped into, while Frankie was in a coma and suffered permanent brain damage from the accident. From the second that the words left Adriana’s lips, it was clear Alexia’s reaction was not going to be pretty. The Cuban Barbie can get activated on a normal day, so bringing Frankie in it is like adding gasoline to a lit explosive.

RHOM fans will have to wait until the next episode to see Alexia’s full reaction to Adriana’s bad analogy. We saw her immediately start sobbing and getting defensive, as any mother in her situation would. It’s sad because Alexia and Frankie’s scenes are such a bright light on RHOM, so it’s distasteful for Adriana to drag his accident into her petty feud with Alexia.

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Following the episode, Alexia took to Instagram to express a few of her feelings about the comment. She went into detail about Frankie’s life and how the accident changed everything, according to People. It’s been a growing process for Frankie, Alexia, and their whole family, and it’s something that’s taken a toll on her. “I will never recover from Frankie’s accident,” the post reads. “It’s only my wish that he can continue to improve in time, and he can be as ‘normal and productive’ as his limitations allow. I will never accept the loss of my dreams for him, and I will never give up on him or Peter [Rosello].” She added that she tries to do more every day to help Frankie grow in the right direction. I think any viewer wouldn’t hesitate to question Alexia’s dedication to him.

Alexia explained that the analogy was the catalyst for her making the lengthy post. “For anyone to use Frankie’s accident to compare or ‘connect’ their level of pain or suffering to what Frankie has endured is wrong ESPECIALLY when referring to a FAKE INJURY,” the RHOM star wrote. “I draw the line at Frankie when you intentionally want to hurt me.” If Adriana was hoping to fix her relationship with Alexia, she can clearly kiss that goodbye for the time being.

As expected, Alexia and Frankie received a ton of support in the comments. Marysol Patton didn’t hold back in supporting her bestie and calling out Adriana, but not by name. “Unfortunately we cannot choose who we work with, but gratefully we can choose who we love and want to spend our time with,” Marysol wrote. The shade–but she’s not wrong.


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