Myla Sinanaj, ex-girlfriend of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian wanna be, has released an x-rated tape with Vivid Entertainment.  Farrah Abraham, former star of MTV's Teen Mom and star of Vivid's Backdoor Teen Mom, is not happy about her former BFF's attempt to steal her spotlight.

Good times.  Farrah is a narcissist who does not play well with others – unless they're dead – and Myla has a sex tape to shamelessly promote. Let the battle begin.

A "source" told Radar about Myla's tape, "It’s a sad attempt on Myla’s part to stay relevant, especially considering she was only paid $15,000 to make the tape," adding, "It won’t sell nearly as well as Farrah’s did.”

That so-called source had to be Farrah, said Myla, because she was the only person (other than her manager) who knew about the tape. The $15,000 pay out?  "That's absolutely false," claimed Myla. "I got six figures and so did she. I have no idea where she got that number from."


So, Farrah "freaked out" when she learned about Myla's "business endeavors" with Vivid, and now they're no longer friends.  Shocker! 

Myla blasted Farrah on Twitter. She tweeted, "Bitch… no one wants to be you, Farrah. Ur f-king coke head trash who got pregnant as a teenager and has the body of a 12-year-old boy,"  adding,  "All the plastic surgery in the world aint going to fix your body or face!!"

Myla called Farrah a "f-king whore" and threatened to leak "pictures, videos, and texts" about her. As promised, Myla accused Farrah of moonlighting as a paid "sugar baby" escort, and Farrah responded by calling Myla "evil". 

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"I'm talented," remarked Farrah. "I just believe in putting myself around better people and I think the whole sugar daddy thing is so hilarious. And Myla does kind of worse things with men, as we've seen in the news. You know, like going after Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend and being a part of different activities, so I think sugardaddydotcom is the least of her worries."

Myla also claimed that Farrah lied to the media about her first paycheck for Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, tweeting, "She did NOT get a million for her tape." Ready for more? Farrah and James Deen supposedly made a second tape that will be "leaked" later this month. Dominatrix stuff. 

In case anyone cares, Myla shared that she doesn't regret releasing her own tape, because it was "really fun." She added, "It's not that big of a deal. If it was like ten years ago it would be such a bigger deal. It's 2013. Everyone does it." 

Everyone?  Checks my back pocket for my own tape… nope! Not everyone! 


Photo credit: Twitter

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