Drita D'Avanzo

Farrah Abraham Filing A Restraining Order Against Drita D’Avanzo; Says Drita Is Using Her For Attention

Oh dear, when two famewhores are in need of attention we know it’s gonna end badly! I can’t decide who will come out on the losing end of a feud between Farrah Abraham and former Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo, though! Of course Farrah was shockingly smart enough to avoid getting gangster with a mobster, since she is so literary and all, so she turned to her friend the law, to fight back. 

The two were sparring on social media over a paid personal appearance gone wrong when the former porn star Teen Mom OG star went for the jugular by calling Drita a “has been” in an Instagram video. ‘Dems fightin’ words, so Drita released her own statement reminding Farrah of what happens when people try to come at her (it involves being punched, jail, and probably her ex-husband). Drita also took aim at Farrah’s illustrious career by claiming she would even have sex with a soda bottle for some money. Um, excuse me – Farrah made COOCHIE MOLDS and plastic erotica is hardly something to poke fun at! 

“#onsight#farrahabraham #onsight #CatchTheSlap,” posted Drita.

Apparently Drita just wanted Farrah to recognize how serious she takes her reputation, but Farrah perceived this threat literally and went crying to her trusty attorney. Drita says Farrah’s attorney never contacted her though.

Farrah says the issues became when Drita disappeared in the middle of a paid appearance, then took their business dispute personal after Farrah called her out. Um, cause Farrah doesn’t work with “unprofessional people with no integrity,” because she is “super professional.” SUPER!

“Their team was pissed off that Drita left and did not tell anyone, can’t find her and they were like what the f—k is she doing,” Farrah complained. “I was just like OK, let me know what I can do on my part, I can’t stay any longer to make up for anything, but I will do my part … They were like you don’t have to stay until the end time, thank you so much for hanging in there and being here.”

“I am the one that shows up for work and I work hard and I take care of people and I treat people right,” Farrah scoffed to Us Weekly. “She is just over there bitching about money and trying to get booked and she can’t follow through on a job.”

“I did not even mention her name,” continues Farrah. “The next day she had to go ahead and, like, use my name in everything and get press attention … I blocked her because she wants to use my name to be more famous. She is pathetic.”

Farrah also doesn’t do pathetic, so she claims she’s getting a restraining order against Drita. Drita continues to go at Farrah on Instagram, so she obviously isn’t concerned – she also says Farrah’s attorney never contacted her. You can see Drita’s follow-up video here.

As much as it pains me to say it, I think I might be Team Farrah on this one. (Don’t slap me, Drita!)

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