So… where's Krayonce's "SECRRRRTY!" when she needs it?!

Apparently a "huge brawl" erupted during filming for Real Housewives of Atlanta! The fight reportedly broke out when an argument over booty workout videos between Phaedra Parks and Kenya went awry! 

A source tells TMZ Apollo Nida "flew into a rage" and attacked Brandon DeShazerKenya's assistant. The source says Apollo had to be restrained by 7 male crew members before finally backing down but Brandon was "seriously roughed up." The entire incident was caught on tape! 


Apollo allegedly became furious when he learned that Brandon and Kenya agreed to produce a workout DVD starring Phaedra, but instead produced their own and cut her out of the deal last minute.

Wait… isn't this LAST season's storyline? Color me twirled up in gone with the wind confused. Apollo blamed Brandon for Phaedra being stabbed in the back. 

Defending himself, Apollo says the reports differ drastically from what actually went down. He admits there was an on-set fight, but claims he was trying to break it up when Brandon attacked HIM! Apollo maintains he was defending himself and things spiraled out of control. 

Hmmm… well very interesting! I'm not sure I can take more donkey booty nonsense. No one is commenting on twitter – yet – but we'll see! 

[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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