Well, well, well… who didn't see it coming that Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are putting their wedding on hold until they get a limited episode wedding special! OK – maybe I added that last part!

The couple that has been seen having major issues on Real Housewives of Orange County shares they haven't been getting along so well as of late… #PublicityStunt?

Gretchen admits they are at an impasse about what they want for their future. She: wants a sperm donor and a spinoff where she can play up the whole single mom thing! That's a new one for Bravo, right?! He: wants a wedding and a spinoff about said wedding. 

“We are not full into planning because we’ve been a little bit fighting,” Gretchen confesses to Celebuzz. “I want a baby and he wants a wedding.”


“It’s a negotiation,” Slave acknowledges, rummaging in his Gretchen Christine PlastiSak for his balls. “He’s very traditional,” Gretchen says. Doesn't Slave have TWO kids with ex-girlfriends… I wouldn't exactly call that traditional, but whatever! 

"I used to be, but not anymore," Gretchen explains, adding, “I think it’s sweet and romantic that he wants to get married before. I just don't want to be super old having my baby." Gretchen is 35. "I don't wanna rush," Slave chimes in. 

Gretchen complains that her biological clock is tic-tic-ticking! And season 9 of RHOC is film-film-filming! Which equals PERFECT TIMING for them to go through the whole IVF thing they've been talking about! “I was ready a year ago. We’re just figuring it out," Gretchen reveals of baby making plans. Who adds that if she gets her way, the baby will definitely come before the wedding! 

Slade seems far less excited about the whole baby making scheme, and cites the couples exciting travel and social lives as reasons against reproduction. Gretchen acknowledges her companies take a lot of time to run. "If I throw a baby in the mix, how will I manage," she wonders.

Regardless, the uterus wants what the uterus wants – and Gretchen wants to be a mommy ASAP – and be the next Angelina Jolie! Think of all the Gretchen Christine baby products she could produce… diaper bags, burp clothes, carriers! I hope she realizes a baby uses a different carrier than a Chihuahua… 

"I have zero control and say over anything," Slave quips. "You're the sperm doner," Gretchen laughs. Somebody's been talking to Bethenny! 

Why not just go to the courthouse then, get married, then get knocked up and THEN have the big ceremony! 

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