Tamra Barney Says Gretchen Rossi Has Rude Manners And Fake Tears; The Two Are “Not Speaking”!


We all suspected the friendship between Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi was as fake as the rhinestone bracelet Gretchen bestowed upon Tamra. Cause yeah, now these two are a big ol' bust!

Promoting the hell out of her limited spinoff event, Tamra's OC WeddingTamra is trashing Gretchen in the media just like the good ole days. Among the lists of slights and infractions she has carefully documented in her iPhone notes is that Gretchen didn't get her a wedding present and was fake crying at the reunion.

"Gretchen brought me nothing," Tamra dishes to OK! when asked what kind of wedding present a Housewife is worthy of. The answer: any gift. "Who doesn’t bring a gift or at least a congratulations card?" Tamra seethes. The answer: Gretchen. Or a Housewife that is only at your wedding for contractual obligations. Or possibly a Housewife whose spinoff opportunity you "stole"… 


Tamra reveals the two are "not speaking now" so she isn't counting on Gretchen sending something at a later date. Like what if she was combing T.J. Maxx's across the nation for the perfect wine-themed tchotchke?!

Tamra claims she only invited Gretchen to her wedding out of pure goodness of heart. Uh-huh. Or goodness of drama, perhaps!

"I was on good terms with most of them and I didn’t want to have to not invite anybody," Tamra shares of her Real Housewives of Orange County castmates. "We had Lauri [Peterson] on this season and I didn’t invite her just because I’m not close to her."

Just because they're not currently speaking, doesn't mean Tamra thinks it will stay that way forever, though! "I think all the girls have been in my life for quite a while now through good and bad and one day we’re friends and one day we’re not, so I had them all there," Tamra explains. "But they were all very nice to me and they all brought me lovely gifts and sent me lovely gifts to my house except for Gretchen. Not even a card."

She's really, truly worked up about this no gift thing, isn't she?! Tamra says Gretchen didn't even tweet congratulations, which is like the ultimate slap in the face! 

"What she did was she tweeted that NeNe [Leake]’s wedding was the best wedding she’s ever been to in her life, days after my wedding. That’s just mean," Tamra seethes. "All of the other Housewives sent me messages saying, 'Can you believe she did that?' And I said, 'Kind of, yeah.'”

Gretchen's rudeness apparently knows no debts. Does she need a crash course in etiquette from Mama Dubrow?! "Not only did she do that, but she didn’t RSVP," Tamra adds. "I had to call her the day before the wedding to see if she was going to make it."

We'll see more behind-the-scenes drama of all Gretchen's hijnks if we tune into the show (#ProducerSetUps). Hint. Hint. In other juicy tidbits, Heather Dubrow sang at the wedding. Oh… my… do I foresee another Bravo song hitting the airways? When are they putting out a compilation album: Bravo's Greatest Hits. 

In other Gretchen wrong-doings, she dominated precious reunion camera time with an arsenal of fake cries. Tamra took to twitter to call out Gretchen's out!

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 10.11.37 AM

Gretchen, meanwhile, spent her weekend ignoring Tamra and hitting up the party bus circuit (photo below!). When did this become a thing?

Interestingly, Tamra reveals RHOC will begin filming again this month so she wanted to invite Gretchen to the wedding keep things on relatively good terms for the 9th season! 

Season nine begins just in time to capture the latest drama between Vicki Gunvalson, Brooks Ayers and the mystery toothless Greek "God". (Coincidence, much?) Will he be making an appearance this season? And just how many men is Vicki buying teeth for? Is she running her own personal Operation Smile outpost? Is it a tax write off? So many questions… 

I also wonder if the recent rumblings that Vicki and Brooks are back together is yet another staged setup to build drama for the show!

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Gretchen getting her party bus on. Where's the penis pop?