courtney stodden london

Courtney Stodden is loving life in London. 

She was booted from Celebrity Big Brother almost two weeks ago, but Courtney is still hanging out in the UK with her new BFF and potential new reality series co-star, Lauren Harries

Courtney stumbled her drunk ass all over London last night, hitting up nightclubs and needing help standing walking as she partied it up (and let her ass literally hang out).  Or maybe she was sober and just needs to stop wearing ridiculous shoes when she doesn't have hubby Doug creeping along next to her to hold her up. 

After spilling in and out of taxis all evening, she emerged from her hotel with her husband this morning, looking a little more steady on her feet and wearing more clothes than usual. 

I didn't realize just how orange Courtney is until I saw her sitting next to her pasty white male companion in these pics! 




Photo Credit: Will Alexander/


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