Courtney Stodden Thinks If She Has A Son That He Will Be Gay


As ridiculous as Courtney Stodden can be, I feel like people are just ready to pounce and pick her apart no matter what she says, does, or wears. Yes, she has been giving everyone a lot of material to work with since she married her much older husband Doug Hutchison when she was sixteen back in 2011.

Now the 21-year-old tabloid fixture is pregnant with her first child and as expected she has been very open about this phase in her life. She has been sharing photos on social media and doing interviews to update the public on her pregnancy. She does not know the sex of her baby yet, but she has already been shopping outfits and they are all for little girls. Courtney is saying that no matter what gender her baby is that he or she will still be wearing those same clothes and she has some really questionable reasoning for that plan.


In an interview with Us Weekly, Courtney explained that she is preparing to have a baby girl and if that if that doesn’t happen she will still go with the same wardrobe choices. She said, “If it’s a boy I am going to dress him up in tutus.” Wait. what? I’m all for breaking gender norms, but that just seems like a strange plan. What happened to a standard onesie.

Well, Courtney really put her foot in her mouth with her justification for this: “I know I am going to spoil my baby rotten. I’m going to be a fun mom. I always say I am going to have a girl regardless, and if it’s a boy he’ll be gay!”

Oh wow. I would like to think that Courtney just does not know any better and she did not realize what she was saying, but the stereotypes that she is implying in regard to sexual orientation are pretty offensive. I hope that she is just saying that she will be an accepting mother, but it really just is not a good look to say that her son will be gay just because she dresses him in a tutu or other traditionally female clothing.

I’m sure people are going to have a field day with that comment and I see why. Again, I hope that she didn’t mean any harm by it, but it just was not an okay thing to say- AT ALL. Let’s just hope that she realizes that soon and retracts the statement or clarifies her remarks.


[Photo Credits: Instagram]