Bethenny Frankel has been desperately trying to get her talk show off the ground by dipping into the Housewives pool. Gotta work with what the TV gods gave you, right?!

One show Bethenny has been avoiding is her former television home, Real Housewives of New York. But not for lack of trying! According to "sources" Bethenny reached out to former BFF-turned nemesis Jill Zarin to beg her to appear as a guest. She also approached reportedly broke former housewife Alex McCord and dangled a financial incentive in front of her nose. 

So did the ladies take her up on it? Not. A. Chance! “The show called Alex’s publicist and told them about their grand plan, but said that all they could offer her was $400 — which is less than the SAG minimum,” a source informed Radar Online. Bethenny is a girl who loves a bargain! 


“A reunion of that scale and significance is worth a lot more than pocket change. Alex kindly said no," the source added.

Of course, Alex and Jill were not impressed. I mean Jill is busy running Zaaaaaarin Fabrics and has no time. And Alex, well good for her for maintaining her pride. 

Even worse, despite the fact that she was essentially using the women, Bethenny still couldn't be bothered to personally reach out and had her producers approach them instead! “Bethenny’s bosses suggested she call Jill and Alex personally, but she absolutely refused,” a production insider dished. Oh Bethenny… .


The reason Bethenny was after the ladies was for a badly needed ratings boost. Despite ratings being slightly up from the first week they're still nothing impressive. “Bethenny is feeling pressure from network executives because ratings from her talk show have been less than stellar," an insider revealed to Radar. 

Upon learning that her RHONY Season 1 & 2 reunion idea wasn't happening (Kelly Bensimon also reportedly shot Bethenny down), Bethenny was shocked. I mean everyone LOVES B, right?! “Bethenny was stunned that they both said no, she really thought they would agree to come on the show," a source close to the Skinnygirl shared. 

With Jill and Alex putting the kibosh on appearing on the show, insiders say Bethenny's bosses nixed a RHONY reunion, claiming it would be "boring to viewers". LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona Singer, still under contract with Bravo, reportedly agreed to be guests. 

As if that's not exciting enough to revive a career, Alex is wondering just who put the word out to the media that she was offered a job on The Bethenny Hour. Pretty much confirming she was offered an appearance that she turned down, Alex speculated on just who leaked it. #Jillusional

"Did you see this gossip item published today? Radar Online somehow got hold of a few private conversations held last week between me, Bethenny Frankel, and Jill Zarin. I wonder how …," Alex teased in her The Stir blog. 

Personally I'm glad both ladies said no. If Bethenny doesn't even have the decency to pick up the phone and ask them herself she doesn't deserve it! 

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