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Joyce Giraud knows the best way to make a name for yourself on reality TV is to come. out. swinging! 

The new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star warns viewers "If someone f–ks with me, they will hear from me!" And that includes Brandi Glanville and her little problem with wine. "I did say Brandi needs rehab," Joyce tells Star Magazine (print edition). "I stand by that, and I'd say it all over again." 

Judging by the RHOBH trailer Brandi does get a teensy bit out of control this season, and Joyce has no problem speaking up. "I'm very opinionated." So basically she's the new season 1 Camille Grammer. "That's just so pernicious. So pernicious." Pernicious anyone?! "I'm very outgoing. I'm a little bit loud. I've never been a wallflower." 


Despite having issues with Brandi, Joyce said she did make some frienemies this season. "I get along really well with a couple of the girls – especially Kyle Richards." Ewwwwww… Joyce says they have family things in common. "She has a daughter the same age as one of my sons. They are a beautiful family." 

Even though she's an an entertainment industry veteran, Joyce still said the politics of the show took her by surprise. "It's not what I expected," she admits. "I always thought the shows were a little bit guided and scripted. But that's not the case. It's all real drama!" 

Joyce says she tried to stay above the fray and help instead of create drama, herself. "I like to think of myself as a problem solver." Aka – pot stirrer once editing comes into play. "I like to help people," Joyce explains. "But if it gets to the point where enough is enough, I can be a problem starter too!" 

Well, frankly I cannot wait! Joyce vs. Brandi: bring it on!

As for Brandi she's already gearing up for getting the villain edit this year. She recently told viewers to wait and watch on twitter!

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