The drama over Pauly D's baby mama continues! 

Yesterday it was reported that the two are locked in a custody battle and Pauly believes baby mama Amanda Markert is unfit so he wants full custody. He's trying to get a Las Vegas judge to decide in his favor, meanwhile Amanda filed a custody suit in New Jersey!

The former Jersey Shore star also believes Amanda is an unstable fameho who was looking to get knocked up so she could score 18 years of child support. Supposedly supporting this is a photo she posted of five-month-old daughter Amabella (WTH with that name, people?!) surrounded by hundred dollar bills. And some tweets she posted announcing she just wants like soooo many baby clothes and costumes (COSTUMES people?!) for her baby girl. 

Now the former VIP Hooters waitress (seriously people?!) is trying to sell some text messages allegedly from Pauly in which he tried to convince Amanda to have an abortion and said he would pay for it.


Poor baby Amabella is the result of a one-night smoosh (condoms, people!) so sources say Pauly felt having the abortion was the right thing to do – at the time! But now he wants to be a father and be involved in his daughter's life.  

Here's the snafu, according to TMZ Amanda initially TOOK THE MONEY from Pauly to have the abortion but then decided to keep the baby. Oh my… 

Apparently Amanda has a lot of plans. Rumor has it Pauly wasn't the first reality star she hooked up with! She reportedly tried to get it on with Rob Kardashian last year. If she did, Rob was evidently smart enough to wrap it up Kris J does not deal with love child drama unless you have A-list spawn, right Kanye!  

Miss Amanda also has photos posing with Rob and Brody Jenner at a club. Those photos are below! Oh and the photo above – according to Amanda's instagram it's from the night Pauly and Amanda met! Social Media… busting peeps every time! 

[All photo credits: Amanda Markert's Instagram]



With Robbie K from last September. 

amanda-markert-brody-jennerWith Rob and Brody

pauly-d-baby-mamaAnother shot of Amanda

pauly-d-rehab-baby-mamaThe show where Amanda met Pauly. 

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