The Blacks' Annual Gala 2013

Lea Black is rapidly becoming the axis for which Real Housewives of Miami rotates. Take that Adriana de Moura

This week Lea provided us with a trip down memory lane to demonstrate she didn't make her money on her back and marry rich as Ana Quincoces claimed at last year's reunion. 

"Now you all know I've worked my entire life — contrary to the hate club members who say I married for money," Lea describes in her blog. "How pathetic is it when people have to try to make people look bad just for relevance or just because?"


"On the other hand, marrying someone with money can be a good thing! Just marry for love — that's the most important thing. LOL!" Speaking of marrying for money… Lea describes how Lisa Hochstein fit in with her Texas roots! 

"I had fun with Lisa, and my family loves her," Lea says. "RJ and she act like they have a sibling rivalry. He still hasn't forgiven her for how late we were to see his cousins because she had luggage that got delayed! LOL!" 

Speaking of visiting Texas, Fembot reveals she's happy she took the trip as it gave her a break from tension in her marriage. "I mentioned that Lenny and I were having tension in our relationship. I wish I said that differently, because it sounded like a bigger deal than it was," Lisa writes.

"The whole baby making thing is of course creating tension. Of course no relationship is perfect. For the most part I would say about 90% of the time my relationship with my husband is wonderful. Whenever you see something play out on TV, it just becomes magnified." Uh-huh… and 3-2-1… DIVORCE! 

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