Camille Grammer and Dimitr Charalambopoulos

Camille Grammer recently came forward with allegations that boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos domestically abused her and revealed she was working with the police to file a report. 

TMZ states that Camille has successfully obtained a restraining order against her now ex! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's sworn declaration, filed by her attorney, claims that on October 16 while she was recovering from a hysterectomy in a Houston hotel room Dimitri assaulted her. 

The incident occurred when another woman started texting Dimitri at 1:30 AM. The woman then called him and began screaming on the phone. The phone call led to an argument between Camille and Dimitri and she alleges that he "grabbed her by the hair, twisted it around his hand and repeatedly pulled her head into the bed and its headboard." Camille attests to losing some clumps of hair as a result of his actions. 


When she tried to call for help on her iPhone, Dimitri smashed the phone. Camille submitted the damaged phone and the clumps of hair into evidence. Photos of which are available at TMZ. 

After that Camille states that Dimitri continued his battery against her. She states he "squeezed my nose between his finger and pushed upward forcefully, covering my mouth in an attempt to silence me to prevent me from breathing." He then wrestled her onto the bed "repeatedly slamming my head and face into the furniture and completely immobilizing me." 

Camille says that when Dimitri was leaving he threatened her that if she left the bed he would knock her out. 

According to her recollection he said, "I wanna smash your head in.  I'll give you a reason to call the cops."  Camille previously wrote she feared for her life on twitter, and she told the police as well. She calculates the abuse went on for 40 minutes to an hour and that she begged him to stop. 

Camille successfully obtained a temporary restraining order which mandates Dimitri stay 100 yards from Camille and her children. Dimitri's ex-girlfriend previously accused him of battery. 

Poor Camille – she just has the worst luck with men. I'm happy she got out of the situation. We hope she can move past this and find love, happiness, and health in the future. 

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