Lisa Vanderpump is tired of being blamed for everything on this season's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

And she's especially unhappy that former friend Brandi Glanville has turned on her, sold her out to the media, and is trying to make her look like a manipulative bitch! "It was a difficult season, that's for sure, " Lisa acknowledges. 

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Lisa admits losing her friendship to Brandi "hasn't been easy" and she "doesn't understand" where the falling out came from.  "I loved her – and I've been so supportive," Lisa says. "So I'll be interested to see how it plays out." 

Brandi maintains that Lisa is a manipulator who used her to do her dirty work and to boost interest in her spinoff Vanderpump Rules. Lisa, of course, denies all this. “I felt sorry for the underdog, but then underdog turns around and bites you!” 


Lisa has also been surprised at how public Brandi has made things. Lisa wanted to refrain from publicly commenting but after Brandi made cruel statements about Lisa's friend Mohamed Hadid and comments he reportedly made about Joanna Krupa's va-jay-jay, Lisa could stay quiet no more! 

“I’ve taken a number of hits from Brandi on Twitter and in the press. I’ve never retaliated, however when it comes to attacking one of my friends, I’m going to come out with guns blazing,” Lisa retorted. 

When Lisa was asked if Brandi's partying was out of control, she stayed mum. Shown footage of Brandi drunkenly stumbling out of a bar on her birthday Lisa quipped, "“Well, that’s not the worst I’ve seen. [But,] I’m not here to put her down.”

Brandi has insinuated on twitter that Lisa sold stories about her birthday to the press. Which seems ridiculous, but whatever.

Here's what I think: Brandi wants to be HBIC. She knows Bravo is never going to edit Lisa as the villain unless she and the other ladies majorly team up to do everything in their power to paint Lisa that way and then the storyline becomes inevitable. But as is always the case with Brandi, the lady doth protests too much and that makes her look like she's up to something! 

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