Just in time for the holidays, Albert Manzo is getting a lawsuit in his stocking. Oopsie! 

A waitress claims that Al and his brother Tommy Manzo (you know… Dina's hubby!) stiffed her of overtime pay plus called her and other co-workers "Spic bitches" along with other "racial, sexual, ethnic and country of origin epithets."

Lanise Jackson filed a suit against the former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars and Brownstone manager Robert Manger. Her lawsuit states she was employed there from October 2011 to April 2012 and then again from September to November 2013 when she was  "constructively terminated as she could no longer endure the racial, sexual, ethnic and country of origin epithets hurled at her hourly."


According to Courthouse News, Lanise alleges that the Manzos and Mr. Manager cursed at her and other waitresses calling them "bitch, f–king stupid bitch, lazy motherf–kers." And citing a specific example recalls Tommy asking her, "Are you blind? What are you, Chinese? Open your eyes."

That's not all – Lanise says the establishment, which Caroline Manzo describes as upscale, is disgustingly dirty. She described working conditions as, "forced to work in a filthy, unhygienic atmosphere as defendant, The Brownstone House, Inc.'s facilities were roach-infested." Uhhh… so, what Lanise is implying is that I should not plan my next Christening/family brawl there or I may get an ice sculpture made of roaches?

As for other working conditions, Lanise says she regularly "worked in excess of forty hours per week" but "was never paid time and half overtime." Lanise would like damages related to hostile work environment, discrimination, and hourly wage violations. 

In response Al said the lawsuit is "absolutely unbelievable" and declined additional comments.

Hey – I wonder if this will be featured on Manzo'd With Children?! 

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