The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 4

I hope all of our wonderful readers had a lovely day yesterday. I've got a late Christmas present for you…Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Carlton Gebbia is talking about sex toys and the dream team comprised of herself, Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Foster, and Brandi Glanville. She also responds to Joyce Giraud's behavior on Monday's episode as well.

Taking to her Bravo blog, she begins, "Burlesque room…I am sooo excited to do this surprise room for my husband. Our home is so open plan with very few doors, so not much room for privacy with our kiddies. With this room at least we are home, but safely locked away downstairs. I want it to have a burlesque feel with a platform, as David loves to watch me dance so this would be perfect. Years ago I used to dance (ballet and modern mainly). I love to make our relationship fun and sexy, and, 18 years later, I think we've done a pretty good job."


Discussing YoFo's dinner party, Carlton admits that she probably should have called to regret earlier. She states, "Proper etiquette with regards to Yolanda's dinner…Yes, in retrospect, I should have called earlier. But I really did want to go to! I wanted to see Yolanda and knew it would be an amazing night — and I also wanted to see what David Foster does best. I was sure he would have some fun talented surprises. So when I got sick, compliments of having children who bring germs home, I selfishly thought I would feel better later that day. But I didn't, and the closer it got to leaving my husband said I looked ill and should stay in bed."

She continues, "Also with respect to Yolanda's fragile immune system, going there sick wouldn't be fair or right. So yes…I delayed the bloody inevitable and cancelled last minute! At that point it wasn't about etiquette and being somewhere I said I would go. I was sick. It was about Yolanda and I didn't want to be ill around David's wife no matter how much I wanted to be there. Now there's a conundrum, not so black and white after all. But I really appreciated that Lisa understood."

Carlton laughs off the heart adorned place cards, blogging, "Apparently I'm on the 'Dream Team' although Joyce renamed it 'The Nightmare Team,' but oddly that does sound wonderful too. Thank you. Hmmm…Just four woman who are a force to be reckoned with. Yes, I could see how that could be your nightmare," adding, "This dinner was by far the funniest and most enjoyable to watch. The one where Brandi gets confused as to which 'Baby' Joyce is referring to. Was it the real 'baby' children or the man 'baby'? It was f—ing hysterical — especially his expression, priceless!"

Dissecting Joyce's "baby" talk, Carlton writes, "OMFG and Joyce's talking head with no breaths to be heard 'He is my baby and if you're upset you don't have a baby then go find a baby and maybe if you acted different you'd have a baby of your own!' Baby, baby, baby. Good God give it a rest! Brandi actually has two real babies, not a man baby. Joyce calling him a baby and then he's calling her his 'little girl'! I am sensing a theme here. Sorry it's a little creepy. Just an observation."

Geez, if Carlton finds something creepy, I don't even know what to say!


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