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Wasn't Brandi Glanville on twitter hiatus? And feeling sorry for her drunken, inappropriate misbehavior? Apparently not! 

In her new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog Brandi says she is done apologizing. Which leads me to wonder if Brandi knows the difference between apologizing and justifying because I don't much remember her apologizing to begin with!

To prove that she is like so over being sorry-ish, Brandi posted a slew of family photos on twitter of her mom, dad, and grandma flipping off all the "haters". We can suck it, says Miss. Sorry, Not Sorry! 

First up: the blog

"As of today I have a new outlook. No more feeling sorry for myself because I had a rough year or some pathetic, phony famewh— can't stop talking about me and throwing bulls— labels my way," Brandi begins, again blaming Joyce Giraud for her behavior. #SomePeopleNeverLearn


"I know exactly who I am — and that is a good person who says stupid s– sometimes and lives without prejudice in my life."

"I was a hot-mess for part of this season, and I fully f—ing admit that," Brandi admits, pretending that she's not still a "hot-mess." 

"I'd like to say thank you to the people in my life that love me through the good times and the rough times and who don't jump ship because I'm not having my best year. Also thank you to my friends in the Twitter-verse and on social media that have been a huge support to me, even before I started this rollercoaster of a ride on reality TV. THANK YOU!!!"

Apparently all those that aren't riding the Brandi-train can go eff themselves. I will happily include myself in that bunch. You and me, Joyce, You and me. 

"For the assh—s that write hateful tweets or said mean things to me because I am not perfect and clearly you are, please, please, please F— OFF, F— YOU, GO F— YOURSELF, AND FINALLY SHUT THE F— UP!"

And Brandi has a warning for those certain haters, "2014 is a new year and it's going to be good! I can't wait for this reunion. It's about to be f—ing on!!! Bring it bitches." Somewhere LeAnn Rimes is laughing her pinched little face off saying, "Who's the F–king crazy one now, twitter?!" 

Speaking of twitter – oh yes, there's more! 

brandiAnd demonstrating that inspiration, Brandi had her entire family (including Dad who is speaking to her again, I suppose!) send us all a little post-Christmas message. 


"'For those of you who don't deserve the very best' pinky finger Flip off" Love Grandma!

brandi-dad-1"My dads way of flipping haters off ! Its only half a finger but it gets the job done!"

brandi-dad-2"Suck it!"

brandi-mom"And this is my mommy! grams daughter! Tough and fun!"

Here's my Christmas message to Brandi: Grow up. 

[Photo Credits: FayesVision/ & Twitter]


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