Brandi Glanville celebrates her birthday at Flemings restauran

Brandi Glanville is living her life in damage control mode!

Last week she released a drunken YouTube video to "explain" her horrendous behavior on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and this week she's found her way back home to twitter to warn us again that what we're about to see ain't pretty! 

"Tonight's show is a continuation of my drunken dinner last week,I was drunk 1.5 times during our 5 months of shooting,Im super embarrassed," Brandi lies!OMG LIES said. "I can barely watch it for 2 reasons -1 my drunk ass (not cute)Thnks @CarltonGebbia13 4 taking care of me& 2 my baby Chica goes away forever"

Brandi also insists she doesn't need rehab and that despite many, many, many, many reports of her drunken disorderlies, along with a slew of photos, and video footage to prove it. 


Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 5.36.02 PM

Of course, Brandi's mouth always gets her in trouble for a couple reasons 1) it's how she gets the wine into her body and 2) it blurts out everything. Last week she also made a racist comment to Joyce Giraud, who apparently can't or won't swim because she's black (Brandi's assumption, not mine!). 

Brandi continues to justify and rationalize her behavior claiming her "black friends" would laugh. To prove her point, one of her "black friends" posted a supportive Facebook message and then posed for some photos with Brandi. 


Brandi and friends, and below: Brandi's friend's missive. 


Brandi's friend takes the blame for the comment saying she once said something to that effect to Brandi while they were at a pool party.

You know what: whatever. Brandi needs get her act together. 42-year-old women are too old to be reminded about "minding your p's and q's" and keeping comments to themselves.

Furthermore, they don't need their friends fighting their battles on social media because they presumably are too busy having adult lives. Grow up! Stay home – you're drunk, Brandi! And stay there until you clean up your act and your dog poop. /rant over. 

Well, with all that said tonight crap continues to hit the fan on RHOBH when Brandi pulls a Taylor and drunken cries all over the vacation house. Hopefully we won't bear witness to any wayward tampon strings clothing articles while we are live-tweeting this drunkstraviganza for the masses. 

[Photo Credits: WENN & Facebook]