Sex toy aficionado and general sexpert Kandi Burruss knows a thing or two about what a man is packing!

On this week's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi's former boyfriend Chuck Smith attempted to paint her and Phaedra Parks as members of his "Big Homie Team". According to him they were so desperate they allowed him to use them. I personally found Chuck's behavior disgraceful and I'm embarrassed for his wife Mynique Smith. It turns out Kandi is pretty disgusted as well! 

Kandi called out Chuck's revisionist history (or straight up lies) and explains that being on Chuck's team, was um… no big thing. 

First Kandi wrote on Facebook, "What’s so interesting to me is that…. speaking of last night's episode, is for Chuck to try to play me like we were never were in a relationship… and to know how close he and my mama was… Still for years after we broke-up, he was still calling my mama seeing what’s going on." 


"And my Mom used to be like ‘aw, you should have never broke up’… and it’s like ok, now this dude is on TV tryna play me? It just goes to show that just because a dude is ‘well to do’ doesn’t mean he’s ‘good for you’."

Kandi adds, "I am happy where I am with who I am with #LTL  #NewMusic #KandiandiTodd  #LetThemLove"

And throwing some much needed shade Mama Joyce's way, Kandi expresses her love to fiance Todd Tucker. "So glad to have met this guy and left guys like The Big Homie in the past! #LetThemLove #LTL #KandiandTodd #Wearegettingmarried  #doyouthinkwearemarried #Love #NEWMUSIC," she writes. 

Kandi further set the record straight about her past with Chuck on Atlanta's Big Tigger Show. "I'm very grown… I know the difference between kickin' it, or friends with benefits, and a relationship. And we definitely were in a 'relationship.'"

"Like, he introduced me as his girlfriend. I had keys to his crib. He was hangin' out with my mom; I was hanging out with his parents. It wasn't fly by night," Kandi clarifies. 

Kandi was shocked when she saw the footage, even though Phaedra told her about the conversation right after it happened. "Even people who knew us back then were like calling me! It was shocking!" she explains. "I don't even understand why he and his wife are talking about this!" Kandi exclaimed. "It's not relevant anymore." 

Kandi's advice to Chuck: "Get your story together! Stop lyin'!" 

Best of all Kandi explains that being part of the "young millionaire's" harem was not that exciting. I believe Phaedra called it brownie bites and cocktail wieners… 

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 2.53.45 PMI cannot wait to hear what Kandi and Phaedra have to see about ol' Chuck and his big homie status next week. The shade, the shade is EPIC! 

[Photo Credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com]




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