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All jokes about Casa de Eviction aside, Porsha Stewart literally cannot (or will not) pay her bills! 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who rented a massive 8000 square foot house this season, owned a condo before she married Kordell. That condo was reportedly foreclosed on for non-payment but Porsha still did not settle outstanding homeowner's debts and is now in legal hot water!

TMZ says Porsha fell majorly behind on her homeowner's dues to the tune of $17,959 and the homeowner's association has filed legal documents seeking their money. 


Adding more to the story, Radar Online states that Porsha was originally sued by the condo association for refusal to pay and as a last resort they were successful in having her bank account frozen. A judge signed off on a decree to have Porsha's account garnished for the full amount owed. Here's the catch, because Porsha resisted paying for so long the amount she owes has increased. 

As of right now Porsha's only consistent source of income is her Housewives paycheck although she's currently in the process of starting a "beauty empire" and shilling for hair extensions. However, with rumors that she's going to be fired next season she's in even more dire circumstances.

Porsha reportedly gets $5,000 per month from ex-husband Kordell in spousal support, but who knows how long that will last – or if it's even true – because Porsha is back to living with her mom again. I guess she couldn't keep up with her rent payments either! 

Quick question: where is all Porsha's money going? She By SheBroke 2.0. 

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