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Why in the name of everything that is good would a poor girl subject herself to dating Jax Taylor? The Vanderpump Rules star has proven time and time again to be the worst friend and boyfriend on the planet, yet girls still flock to him. What about the term "sex addict" makes him attractive?

Oh, he's on television! That's right! I guess there are some ladies that wouldn't mind hitching their cart to his fleeting fifteen minutes of fame. I just hope they get tested regularly and don't mind the Stassi tattoo on his bicep! Well, one such girl doesn't mind a bit. After dating Jax for a month (it's the real deal, y'all!), Carmen Dickman is already giving "exclusive interviews." Of course she is!


Speaking to Radar Online, Carmen dishes on how much fun she's had with Jax over the past few weeks.  She says, “We’ve been together a little over a month now. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know more about each other, and there’s never a dull moment."

Their romance is the stuff of fairy tales. Carmen tells the site that the pair "caught each other's eyes" when she popped into SUR for dinner and a drink (or four). I'm sure Jax unbuttoned his shirt even further just to get her attention.  

Carmen shares, “I went into SUR for dinner with my father. After I finished dinner, I went to the bar for a drink. Jax and I ended up talking for about four hours closing down SUR. The rest is history." Very short history, I might add.  

Jax's past "playboy antics" don't bother Carmen in the least. She reveals, “To be honest, I had only seen the show a couple times. Since dating Jax, I do not watch it,” continuing, “I know Jax. The silly man who dances in the car, takes me out for romantic dinners and makes me giggle at his jokes."

For now, Carmen is just lucky to have such a stellar guy on her arm. She concludes, “Don’t get me wrong, he definitely has a bad boy side. I’m not one to condemn someone for past actions. We all make mistakes. Right now we are in a great spot, and moving forward."

I guess getting paid for tabloid interviews doesn't hurt either…


[Photo Credit: Brian To/WENN.com]

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