NeNe and Gregg Leakes shopping in Soho

Well, that's an hour of my life I won't get back.  NeNe Leakes headed off to NYC this week, ditching a radio interview that was supposed to be about last week's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode featuring Kenya Moore's charity event, so she could spill this "hot tea" on The View instead. So we tuned in.  Mistake. 

They start off asking NeNe to weigh in on Mama Joyce and Kandi Burruss and Todd, since they were on the show yesterday.  When asked what she thinks about the drama between the three, she says, "nothing".  When prodded if Mama Joyce should let go and let Kandi make her own mistakes, NeNe will only say "She should let Kandi make her mistakes". 

On to the charity event.  Whoopi asks, "So it's a charity event in your honor? When did you find out about this?"  NeNe replies, "I heard through the girls that there was going to be a charity event in my honor. I happen to be a big supporter of Saving Our Daughters, women of domestic abuse and all those things.  I heard about it the night before from Kenya.  I felt like if you're gonna honor someone, you should at least call them up and say "hey, I would like to honor you, are you available on this date?" 


Barbara asks if she was angry, "Yes, i was angry with Kenya.  She sent an evite.  How do you send an evite to someone you're honoring?"  The ladies agree.  NeNe continues, "this is a charity event.  She and I have differences.  I felt like she could've called me and said "hey, let's put our differences aside for a night of charity". 

Barbara asks, "How are you and Kenya now? Did you guys make up?"  NeNe flatly replies,  "NO".

Sherri shares that Kenya said she's tired of being the punching bag for the girls on the show and she's thinking about quitting.  NeNe zings, "Really girl? You haven't worked in ten years". 

Jenny McCarthy wants to know if Nene thinks the others are jealous of her because she's the breakout of the franchise. "I don't want to say that they're jealous of me.  I just feel like it's a bunch of women, we all work together and we are supportive of one another".  When Sherri asks if she's friends with her co-stars, "No". 

Barbara wants to know if NeNe wants to make peace with Kenya and if she has anything to say to her.  NeNe just smiles and guest co-host Jerry O'Connell changes the subject. 

He then brings up Marlo. Jerry mentions Nene bringing her on the show, which NeNe denies and clarifies to Jerry that Marlo is not an actual housewife.  "I didn't not invite her on to the show, she came on with Phaedra.  She and I got to know each other and we became friends.  So I think people just know her from being with me.  She actually came on through Phaedra." 

And that's it.  I am disappointed that The View didn't do any research and didn't ask any tough questions or ANY questions, really.  I know it wasn't some tell-all interview, but it was a let down that they didn't bring up the REAL issues at hand – the donations, the charity's issues, etc.  All they did was let NeNe reiterate the same crap – her proclaiming not to know about the event beforehand.  Snore. I want my time back! 

Sorry, NeNe, but that was some of the weakest tea ever.


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