Melissa Gorga Gets Chanel For Her Birthday? – Photos

Dear New Jersey residents, don't bother checking your mailboxes today because it's a state holiday, otherwise known as Melissa Gorga's birthday! 

Today we take a break from busting her balls and joking about  renting Chanel (you're welcome for that little side-storyline, though!) and take a look at the Real Housewives of New Jersey star's past year in photos as she celebrates her big day. 


Melissa had a busy year – she wrote a book, unloaded her mansion, started filming another season of RHONJ and is designing a new dream home.  Our birthday advice to Melissa: stay in the cheaper rental and scrap the bazillion dollar dream home.  Save your pennies so you don't wind up like the fifteen other Housewives in a scandalous, bankrupt mess!  Prison orange isn't your color, trust us. And just think of all the Chanel bags you could buy with the extra money! You're welcome. 

Melissa and Joe have been in Florida for the past week.  Here she's posing with a black Chanel bag.  Is it a birthday gift? Or just something she had hanging around the house?  She wrote, "Thank you glam boys;-) @georgemiguelc & @juliusmichael1 working hard for the money." 


Speaking of Chanel, Melissa's BFF's love it, too.  She shared this photo of a birthday cake that many assumed was meant for her.  But if you take a close look, it's for Danielle, whose bday party Melissa attended this week.  Yes, we got our hopes up for half a minute that Danielle Staub was filming with the old crew… 

melissa gorga chanel cake

Take a look at Melissa's year in photos below! 


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