Gretchen Rossi Slade Smiley Black And White

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are moving forward with this charade of a marriage whether Bravo wants to film it or not! Of course they are. I mean they'd probably film it with their own home video camera and webcast it if it got them some attention. 

Gretchen announced on instagram that the couple is actively scouting wedding venues and at the top of their list is the gorgeous North Carolina Biltmore. I certainly hope Slade has caught up on his child support payments before splashing out on such a lavish and pricey event!

Or you know they could just sell the rights to their nuptials like they've sold the rights to everything else. 


Gretchen Rossi Wedding Location

As for the Biltmore, Gretchen is heaping gratuitous praise on them in the hopes to get a good deal or a freebie wedding. "It's unbelievable! So much history, so much beauty, another great choice for a wedding!  #toomanygreatchoices #love #wedding #specialday #gretchenrossi," she gushed on instagram about planning her big day. I guess Marriage Bootcamp worked… 

"Thank you to the beautiful @biltmoreNCwed & Ashley for all the goodies, & champagne in our room when we arrived at the Biltmore Estate Inn. You guys have spoiled us rotten," Gretchen added. "And the location and grounds are so amazing & beautiful! #somanydecisionstomake #wedding #smileyrossiwedding #specialday#locationscouting #fun #romantic." Keep dreaming Plastic Delusion Barbie! 

After spending the weekend stalking high-priced resorts, Gretchen announced she's working on a new project. I can only imagine… "Change of plans tonight for where I'm headed tomorrow! Originally back to LA, now to New York early morn instead for an important meeting I got called into!! #funthingstocome #exciting#4:30amwakeupcall #workaholic."

Another day in the fake and phony life of Gretchen and Slave! Wonder what she's up to this time: a wedding spinoff, hawking another ridiculous product, yet another reality show? Exactly what do Gretchen and Slave do to afford a lavish wedding?

[Photo Credits: Instagram]

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