We've been hearing whisperings that a new desperate reality show is on the horizon. And here it is: Marriage Boot Camp, ladies and gentleman! 

First Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley were spotted filming for the show. And now it's confirmed – they are in. 

“My first marriage ended in divorce,” the former Real Housewives of Orange County star told In Touch Weekly. “And then my second fiancé passed away, so I kind of felt jinxed.” Gretchen joined the cast with Slave to address her commitment phobia issues. I think she only has commitment issues when the engagement ring is sub-par! 


Former Bad Girls Club member Tanisha Thomas is also working through her relationship issues. "Tanisha and Clive [Muir] struggled throughout the entire boot camp both individually and as a couple. Marriage Boot Camp was their last ditch effort to see if there was any life left in the marriage,” Camp director Jim Carroll explained.

The couple has already dealt with infidelity in their short marriage – their wedding was chronicled on Tanisha Getting Married. WHO WOULD CHEAT WITH CLIVE – HAVE THEY NOT SEEN BGC?! TANISHA IS CRAY!

Surprisingly Bachelor-franchise wonder-couple Trista Sutter and husband Ryan are included in the cast. The couple who fell in love on the Bachelorette and has become the poster children for proof the process works, have survived infertility and communication issues. Jim describes them as "not perfect" despite their image. “And they would be the first to admit it.” 

Trista agrees, “We definitely have difficulty communicating.”

Also joining is JWoww who is engaged to Roger Matthews. Their issues stem from a profile inequality – meaning she's famous, he's not, he feels insecure. In fact, Roger even worried about proposing because he didn't believe marriage would fit in with JWoww's "hectic schedule". Fear not – just make getting married a reality show storyline. Problem solved!

Finally Braxton Family Values couple Traci Braxton and Kevin Surratt joined the show. Despite being married for twenty years, Traci struggles with trust. “Traci and Kevin have huge hurdles to overcome,” Jim reveals. “They’ve made every mistake you can make, and infidelity would be poisonous to a marriage.” There have been rumors that Kevin conceived a child outside their marriage. 

Marriage Boot Camp will premiere on WE-TV in Summer 2014. Getting the promoting done early, kiddos!

[Photo Credit: In Touch Weekly]


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