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The ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County are returning to Bravo tonight with two cast members and some empty space that was once filled with Gretchen Rossi, Alexis Bellino, and Lydia McLaughlin. Whether we like it or not, Tamra Barney Judge likes to think of herself as the spokeswoman/mouthpiece/be-all-end-all of the O.C. 

With the premiere literally right around the corner, Tamra has been doing press for the show and sharing her opinions on co-stars past and present. Shocking, I know. Apparently her story line is going to revolve around opening CUT Fitness and talks of a baby with new husband Eddie Judge. I guess that's better than strip clubs, right?


Appearing on local news station KLTA, Tamra dishes on the upcoming season of RHOC. Revealing that she and Eddie have been happily married for ten months, the anchor presses, wondering if it is hard to be newlyweds amidst the ever present Bravo crew. Tamra states, "Eddie tries to stay away from the cameras. He sort of ducks and hides. He's not really into the filming as much as I am. He's very easy going. We don't really fight."

The news crew reminds her that while she may not argue with her husband, she certainly had her fair share of altercations with her cast mates. Tamra smugly responds about an inquiry about Gretchen, Lydia, and Alexis, "I ran them out of the O.C."

When asked if she was in contact with any of the fallen housewives, Tamra adamantly replies, "Well, no, no, no, no."

So, Tamra still loathes her former friends, but does she get along with their replacements? Tamra shares, "Geez. That's a loaded question," adding, "I'm very opinionated. I'm not saying I don't like the new ladies. You'll see, I get to know them. I have friendships with both of them and things just…" When she can't finish her statement, one of the local news anchors supplies, "Implode." Yes, that sounds about right as far as Tamra is concerned!

Discussing her desire to have a child (via either adoption or surrogacy) with a hesitant Eddie, Tamra jokes, "If you have four, what's five, six, or seven? Eddie's not so much on board." 

Tamra then explains that Eddie is slowly (very slowly) figuring out what he wants out of life and family. However, she believes he needs to join the plan sooner rather than later since she's not getting any younger. 

DVR set. This is going to be a train wreck of awfulness, and I can't wait. 


[Photo Credit: Rudy Martinez/Bravo]

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