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"Fancy Pants" seems to be stepping on some toes this season on the Real Housewives of Orange County, but our girl Heather Dubrow will just let all the drama pass on by while she drinks her "champs" and continues to tell the girls exactly what she thinks.

After the drama unfolded last night — from Hawaii to a dinner party back in the OC — Heather took to her Bravo blog to tell her readers what is really going down.


Looks like Brooks and Vicki are still together, and Heather stands in full support of their decision to stay together saying "I just want Vicki to be happy and she is a strong, smart woman who is capable of making her own decisions."

Heather also says she was just being a good friend when she spoke to Tamra about not having a baby, she wasn't trying to be harsh, just honest.

And why are Vicki and Tamara so intent on getting Heather to the bar to get wasted? That's so not Heather Dubrow, aka "fancy pants"! She embraces her conservative side, and stands by her opinion on whether or not to down shots and get sloppy. "The question is, do I have to behave the same way as Tamra and Vicki do in order to be their friends? If we were all exactly the same wouldn't it be so boring??" Time will tell on this one, but from the previews and since Heather overhears Tamra talking smack about her, things are not looking good.

Vicki has said there are "three qualities she looks for in a friend, but in Vicki-like fashion, she couldn't remember the third." As for the first two, she says she needs to be able to laugh with them and learn from them. Can she not do that with Heather? For her part, Heather says that they "have laughed plenty of times," but she also points out that Vicki does not seem to want to listen to her. Did Heather never watch the show before? Vicki Gunvalson is ALWAYS RIGHT!

As for the Spooky Party, Heather agreed that Tamara did a fabulous job, and certainly got the jump on her. Heather loves theme parties and felt that this one was absolutely perfect. But as for the awkward dinner party, Heather actually agrees with Vicki when taking a look at the behavior of new girl Shannon and her husband. "Shannon and David's behavior at the party was just awkward. They seem to feel very comfortable arguing in front of us even though we barely know them. I have to say at this point I'm worried for them. Vicki is right, if this is what they show the world, what goes on behind closed doors?"

This Real Housewife has never denied the support and happiness each of the wives deserves, and we love her for it. Keep watching the Real Housewives of Orange County to see how all the drama unfolds.


[photo credit: Bravo]

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