Ramona Singer Parties With Mario Post-Divorce

Divorce? What divorce?! Months after filing for divorce from her philandering husband, Ramona Singer seems to be reconciling with her husband Mario Singer. Huh?

Apparently Ramona doesn't care about those letters Mario's mistress, Kasey Dexter, is leaking to the tabloids about her amazing sex life with Mario.  Perhaps Ramona was sipping on the pinot when she made her trip to the courthouse to file – or perhaps she's sipping on the pinot now because Ramona and Mario just spent a romantical weekend together celebrating his birthday. Modern romance… 

Tom Murro  shares with us that Ramona has had a "change of heart" concerning Mario. The Real Housewives of New York stars spent the weekend celebrating with friends for a bit of a NYC staycation. They started the festivities at Lavo Nightclub, then checked into the Pierre Hotel where they spent Saturday having breakfast in bed. 


“The party was a lot of fun but then we went to the hotel, spent the night and had a nice breakfast together in the room the next morning,”  Ramona told to Tom.  “We headed out to the Hamptons on Saturday and had a small party of about 25 people.” Ramona also shared that ''Avery is coming home for the summer and we’re both looking forward to that.'' More photos below! 

OK – seriously does this make any sense to anyone? Either the cheating scandal was some sort of publicity stunt or Ramona needs more help than I ever imagined. I mean perhaps Mario is serious about working on his marriage, but he's been seen with this Kasey woman just last month! What is going on here, Pinot?!

Well, anyway tonight is an all new episode of RHONY and the ladies continue to terrorize the Hamptons with their ill behavior. Ramona and Sonja get into quite the spat when Ramona spills the details of her financial situation to the group. And things between Kristen and Ramona explode! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting so make sure to join us!

[Photo Credits: Tom Murro]


Mario Singer Birthday Party With Ramona

Ramona and Mario celebrate his birthday in the Hamptons. 





Ramona And Mario Singer Have Breakfast In Bed

Ramona and Mario regale us with their romantic breakfast in bed. Thankfully they stuck to sharing photos of the food because a middle-aged reality TV sex tape is not something anyone needs to see! I kid, I kid. 

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