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On this week's episode of Real Housewives of New York, one woman lost the few remaining screws holding her pinot bottle brain together. Yes, Ramona Singer done lost it!

After assaulting Kristen Taekman with a wine glass to the face, Ramona blamed Kristen for "throwing water on her" (fancy word for splashing), faked a panic attack and fled to the Hamptons where the miracle that is the iPhone caught her in the act of partying. Um… lies by Bravo?

A source tells Radar that Ramona really wanted to leave the Berkshires because she wanted to catch philandering hubby Mario Singer in the act of philandering with mistress Kasey Dexter. Apparently the low-down lovebirds carried out many of their rendezvous in the Hamptons! 


Ramona wasn’t happy that Mario wanted her away for the weekend while he was in the Hamptons. She thought something was up,” a source reveals. “Ramona had plotted her escape plan way before she even left New York with every intention of bolting to secretly spy on her husband.”

Ramona didn't catch Mario cheating, but rumors of his affair were all over the Hamptons last summer. Including that he reportedly got Kasey pregnant. Ick. 

The source says Bravo had no idea Ramona suspected Mario's infidelities and that she kept her co-stars and the producers "in the dark" about her suspicions. Furthermore, Ramona didn't tell anyone on the cast about her plans to sneak to the Hamptons because she didn't want anyone to "tip Mario off" to her whereabouts! 

Ramona was so devious she even insisted on taking her friend's small plane so none of the camera crew could come aboard with her. Wowzers. 

The source reveals Ramona was desperate to cling to the image of her perfect marriage on the show! "She didn’t want Bravo to catch wind of any infidelity rumors while they were filming. She wanted to avoid having the drama played out on the show.”

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