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When one goes about the admirable task of raising money to fund cancer research and puts in the extra mile to turn it in to a fun event for those invited, and then goes so far as to provide the opportunity to shop you think the guests would be occupied enough to just smile and be polite. Unfortunately LuAnn de Lesseps underestimated Aviva Drescher's need for attention. And her ignorance about what churns a woman's appetite! Answer: Her Father! 

Unfortunately for our poor friend LuAnn not everyone has read Class With The Countess cover-to-cover. Aviva may have read Carole Radziwill's books but she has certainly skipped an equally important Housewives text – the ultimate guide to good behavior – because the Real Housewives of New York star behaved abominably during LuAnn's luncheon.

First Aviva decided to send text messages advertising her father George's recent three-way with a former Miss USA, and then she proceeded to talk about the inappropriate topic throughout the entire lunch. Luckily Aviva stopped long enough to at least bid on a dress, but she interrupted LuAnn's co-host's speech about her mother's cancer battle to discuss her father's battle with keeping it in his pants. As a result LuAnn is disgusted. 


"It was such a lovely day with a great group of ladies. We had a wonderful fashion show about to start when I got wind of what was happening at the next table. I thought it was so rude the ladies were talking while Bonnie was trying to speak," LuAnn recalls in her Bravo blog

"At first I thought it was just the usual conversation talking about sex, but not in my wildest dreams did I think it was all about George and his sexcapades! I was grossed out when I learned that was the topic!" YOU AND ME BOTH, LU! "Really, who would share their own Father's sordid affairs with ladies at a charity luncheon for cancer? That is something I would try and hide, not put on the table for all to see." 

"I never invited the ex Miss USA to the luncheon, so of course I assumed it was Aviva who did," LuAnn continues. "I thought Ramona [Singer] was pretty daring to go over to Miss USA and grill her about her night with George. Who else but Ramona would do such a thing? It seemed to me that she was innocent, I don't think she spent the night with George. I think that George likes to brag and even has his own daughter believing it. The whole thing is creepy! Even more creepy than the facialist's story."

Unfortunately Aviva's atrocities continued when she invited LuAnn to an art show at her apartment. "I thought this was the perfect opportunity to discuss her lack of timing at my ladies luncheon. She was texting ex Miss USA's name around, so of course I assumed she invited her. I never expected the response I got from her though." 

"Instead of being embarrassed for sharing her text message, she was defensive," LuAnn explains. "Aviva bringing up my daughter's art work in the same sentence as George just horrified me. How could she compare her father's sexcapades to my daughters artwork? Doesn't Aviva know the basics of art and how the human body has been used since the beginning of time?"

Well, I quite agree. There is nothing interesting, thought-provoking, or artistic about George and I'd rather vomit than discuss his sexcapades over a meal – or a dress show. 

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