“Can you do the booty dance?”  I know Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, Briana Mason, Traci Harrison and Elena Gant can.  I bet Christy McGinty can booty dance as well, but she chooses not to in this music video-making, drama-filled episode of Little Women: LA.

This episode kicks off with the girls hanging out by the pool and having some drinks.  I love how they  each have their own unique styles.  They look really cute!  Elena busts out with a question about her bust.  She asks Briana if she should get implants before or after she has children.  Briana got hers after she had her daughter and states she has no feeling in them.  Elena gives them a quick test run.  Terra is bored with the boob talk, and changes the subject to what else, but herself.  She has plans to be a breakout music artist and has invested a lot of money into an upcoming music video she’s going to make.  She wants all the girls to be in it.  Of course Christy isn’t interested because of their previous beef and Elena is on the fence, as she’s worried the video might be tacky.  To be fair, the song is all about booty dancing.. there’s a slight chance for tackiness!

Christy and Todd are cleaning out his car in preparation for Todd’s upcoming job interview.  I know Christy’s likability factor has not been that high this season, but the more I see her and Todd together, the more I think they are a really great match.  They both seem supportive of each other and I think they’re in love.  Christy discusses how she doesn’t want to be in Terra’s trashy music video and she’s still upset about her questioning her sobriety.  I agree that Christy’s sobriety isn’t any of Terra’s business, especially to share, but Terra might have been tempted to do that if Christy had not been being so hard to get along with.

Terra is in the studio recording her new song for the music video, called “Booty Bee.”  I’m having flashbacks of every real housewife that has gotten in the studio to record a song.  At least, Terra actually has a performing background.  Tonya interrupts the session to tell Terra that she got a group text from Christy, telling all of the girls not to be in Terra’s video.  Christy claims it is degrading to them as little people and women.  How very shady of Christy.  Tonya advises, “You can’t let one monkey stop the show,” and the show goes on!  Terra jumps back in the recording booth for all of five minutes before the producer tells her they are out of time and the song isn’t ready.

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Even though Christy doesn’t want to be in the music video, she hasn’t told the girls yet and wants to slightly help Terra.  That’s a little confusing to me but she meets up with Elena and Briana to work on some dance moves.  Somehow, I don’t think these kind of moves are what Terra is looking for in her music video.  All of a sudden, it becomes clear that this meeting wasn’t to teach dance moves, but for Christy to convince everyone, once again, that they need to reeeeaaallllly think about whether or not they should be in the video, because she doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

It’s the day of the music video auditions and no one is there but Tonya and Terra.  For a second, Terra worries that Christy is to blame for this, but quickly realizes she sent out the wrong address to all of the dancers.  She is very stressed out (probably because she’s put $10,000 into this music video!) and Tonya reassures her that everything will work out.  Tonya brings in her boys to lay down some moves for the ladies, and they’re loving it.  Then, there are some not so great dancers.  Ultimately, Terra finds what she needs.

Elena is at the doctor to see about getting breast implants.  Christy goes with her and is reminding her that it is more dangerous for little people to go under the knife than average size people.  They play around with the implants in the room before the doctor comes in.  The doctor explains the risks that are involved with breast implants and it sounds like Elena is reconsidering whether she really wants them anymore.

Terra and her boyfriend, Joe, have a snack and discuss the music video.  She explains what Christy has been up to with trying to sabotage everything  Then she tells him that she spent $10,000 on the music video and he slightly loses it.  He feels like that is way too much money to put into a career that you don’t know is going to be successful.  She compares it to the money he spent on his drumset, but I have to agree with him, that he is in a band and needs drums to play.  However, I say, if she has the money and wants to spend it on that, go for it!

On the day of the shoot for “Booty Bee,” Christy and Todd are at home juicing for their diet.  Christy says, “I need juice to make me deuce.”  TMI!  They aren’t big fans of the juice that they made.  Knowing that she’s blowing off the music video, she plans to stay home and make dinner for job, which is fortunate because poor Todd didn’t get the job.  He feels as though it has something to do with the fact that he’s a little person.  Christy says that she has been discriminated against many times when it comes to applying for jobs.

Everyone else arrives on set.  They get dressed in their best booty shaking gear and Trevor, Tonya’s boyfriend, shows up!  He isn’t about to miss this.  For $10,000, I’m a little surprised that choreography is being taught to everyone on stage, as they are about to film.  Elena is having trouble with the dance moves and walks off stage.  She’s uncomfortable with her twerking abilities, but also admits that Christy had a little influence over her decision not to dance in the video.  They arrive at an agreement that Elena will be in every other scene, just not the choreographed ones.  

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Joe shows up on the set to play the drums in the music video.  And, to flirt inappropriately with all of the girls, but Terra says she’s not going to let his attitude affect her mood.  The music video is a wrap and Elena and Terra acknowledge that their friendship has really grown since they first met.

Everyone meets up for the premiere of the “Booty Bee” music video.  Everyone, including Christy and Todd, which is really shocking.  Traci calls Christy out on showing up for the music video that she wasn’t in.  Christy says that Briana invited her and she came for support, and also reminds Traci that she wasn’t in the video either.  Traci quickly reminds Christy that while she was not “in” the music video she still showed up and helped out at every possible opportunity.  Yay, Traci!  I’ve missed you, where have you been?

Terra confronts Christy to discuss the attempted ambush of “Booty Bee.”  Todd promptly jumps in to defend Christy and the threatening of her sobriety.  The fight escalates, and Todd gets a little too involved, in my opinion.  The other guys try to calm him down, but Todd goes on to call Terra’s video “dumb.”  Right in the middle of the heated argument, Terra and Christy both agree to call off the hostility and move forward with life.  They probably won’t ever be best friends, but they agree to get along.

Finally, the video plays!  It’s a little tacky, but in a fun way.  I thought it was pretty cute.  They all look happy with the results.

Next time:  Christy asks Briana to be her maid of honor, Traci uninvites Christy to her wedding, Elena speaks with her husband’s family about having children, Traci admits that being a little person bothers her, and Terra and Joe get in a fight.  I’m really excited about this episode.  Especially, since it appears to have more scenes with Traci in it, and I just love her!

Recap Author: Cecile O'Neil

Photo Credit: Lifetime

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