Lynne, Lori-Ann, And Susanna React To EarBite at Game of Crowns Premiere

Last night was the premiere of Bravo’s new pageant-based show Game of Crowns. I’m quite surprised we don’t have a Mrs. Pageant girl amongst our Housewives, but perhaps Bravo was saving all of them for this new gem of a show!

Of course with wives that are so much drama, it’s only natural that their husbands follow suit! Last night at the GoC premiere party things got violent between  Vanassa Sebastian ‘s husband Brian and   Leha Guilmette ‘s husband Nick. 

The party was held at Foxwoods Casino in CT last night to watch the premiere episode of the show, but the husbands were too busy biting and snapping at each other to let their wives bask in the glory. No word on what caused the incident but witnesses report that the husbands got into a raging brawl and Nick “went ballistic” and bit Brian’s ear TWICE! during the altercation until security stepped in. 


The state police reveal that no one was arrested, nor were charges filed, but they’re still investigating the incident. Naturally Brian went to the hospital for stitches and to make sure his ear didn’t fall off. And of course sources reveal that Brian plans on pressing charges against Nick, because an ear is a valuable thing to waste.  

Photos of Brian’s bloody and gnawed on ear are available at TMZ. Quick question – isn’t dog fighting illegal in Connecticut? 

Moving on, the GoC ladies shared a ton of photos from Foxwoods last night. The cast including Lynne Diamante, Lori-Ann Marchese, Shelley Carbone and Susanna Paliotta got decked out in their pageant finest. It seems like some of the ladies are making light of the fight situation, because Lynne, Lori-Ann, and Susanna have a photo of them “reacting” to the #EarBite on twitter. 

You can check out the photos below – unfortunately no one is blowing up twitter with photos of that fight. Darn. 

Above, Lynne, Susanna, and Lori-Ann react to the ear bite. Was Nick on bathsalts? #BathsaltsByBravo

[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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