I can’t believe the Little Women LA season finale is already here! It has been great getting to know Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, Briana Mason, Traci Harrison, Christy McGinty and Elena Gant. All of the episodes have been leading up to one main event: Christy and Todd’s wedding day! Let’s dive right in.

It’s three days prior to Christy’s wedding day. She is trying on her wedding dress for Briana and Elena and it’s gorgeous on her. Christy says the dress was created to be a short style wedding dress for a person of average height, but it makes a perfect floor length for Christy. Christy tells the girls that she is very excited that her two children will be attending the wedding, as she has split custody with her ex. However, she is also very anxious because tonight her parents will be meeting with Todd’s parents for the first time. Also, Christy has yet to meet Todd’s parents. Briana gives Christy some advice and tells her to keep her mouth shut and not talk too much. Good advice!

Terra is having a small pool party at her house with Tonya, Trevore, Traci, and Joe. (Ugh, I know… Joe. Let’s all roll our eyes together.) The group discusses the upcoming wedding. Tonya will be bringing Trevore. Terra begins to question Tonya about the status of her and Trevore’s relationship. This gets on Tonya’s nerves. She uses an awesome analogy about how even jobs have 90 day probation periods, and her and Trevore have not been together that long. Tonya decides to return the favor and begins questioning Joe about his intentions with Terra. He dances around the questions and then asks Terra why she doesn’t just come out and say she wants a proposal. She explains that she doesn’t want to have to force him into it (Christy style), she just wants him to do it on his own because he loves her. Joe then says, “Anything can happen at Christy’s wedding,” but everyone knows he actually means anything BUT him proposing.


Christy is at dinner with her parents waiting for Todd and his parents to arrive. You can definitely see a lot of Christy in her mom. Once everyone has arrived, they pop a bottle and Christy’s mom really likes her champagne. She tells quite a few embarrassing stories about Christy and her past. She says she can’t believe Todd would want to be with Christy since she has such an awful ex-husband, AKA “Poo Poo Head.” She says that if she wasn’t a Christian, she would have hired a hitman to take him out. Then, she moves on to the story of Christy’s birth and how difficult it was to push out her large head. Right when the conversation starts to get a little too wild, she tones it down and begins to talk about how she felt when she found out that Christy was a little person. Todd’s parents share that they adopted Todd at two weeks old and did not find out that he was a little person until he was two years old. You can tell that the parents really love their children and it was a nice conversation to listen to.

The next day, all 6 girls get together to create flower arrangements for Christy’s wedding. Terra brought drinks for everyone, and also brought some ginger ale for Christy. Elena says that she will be having ginger ale as well and all of the girls immediately assume that she is pregnant, but Elena won’t say. This topic leads to a discussion about how things line up in bed for little people. Most of the girls have been with little and average height people, but Terra says “Once you go small, you never go tall!” The conversation then turns back to wedding plans and Elena asks Traci if she is willing to re-invite Christy to her wedding. Things get pretty awkward when Traci says no, even with the girls all encouraging her to say yes. I guess we will have to wait and see!

It’s one day before the wedding and Christy and Todd are shopping for the bridal party. Todd is concerned that Christy is spending too much money. Christy distracts him by asking him if he has written his vows. He responds by saying that he has found the most perfect vows online. This really ticks her off, as she thinks it is lazy and impersonable. She is writing hers and would like him to do the same. He explains that these vows say everything he wants to say and are worded perfectly. She eventually accepts this. Don’t scare him away now, Christy!


Joe and Terra are house shopping. They don’t even make it in the house before Joe already has a problem with the stairs in the front. They stop outside to discuss their relationship status. To make a long story short, Joe clearly has commitment issues. Even when speaking about them purchasing the house, he only refers to himself with “I this” and “I that.” It’s very frustrating to watch and you can see the sadness in Terra’s eyes. I don’t feel like them purchasing a house together would be a wise choice at this point.

Everyone arrives at Christy and Todd’s rehearsal dinner. We get to see Christy’s children and they are really cute. Elena isn’t drinking again and Briana wants to know what’s up. Once again, Elena leaves us hanging. Later on, Christy shares with the girls that her brother will not be attending her wedding. She explains that he is very traditional and doesn’t agree with the fact that Todd and Christy have been living in sin, so he will not come to the wedding. Christy’s sister tells the girls that their brother has always resented Christy to some extent for getting more attention. Christy is saddened by this, but she still has a huge group of people that will attending that do support her.

It’s finally the big day! Christy is getting her hair done for the wedding when Todd comes to check in. She tells him he needs to shave and get ready. He tells her not to go bridezilla on him in the last minutes before the wedding and promises he will shave. I think that Todd and Christy are a perfect match. They really seem to balance each other out and are cute together.


Briana’s daughter arrives and she will be the flower girl in the ceremony and she looks so precious! Terra arrives without Joe, because he wasn’t feeling well. Elena isn’t buying this story and neither am I. The ceremony begins and Christy looks absolutely beautiful. Todd’s vows were really sweet and I thought it was cute/funny when Christy read her vows from her phone.

The reception begins and Todd gives a speech thanking all of the guests for coming. He tells the story of how they almost got married in Vegas, but couldn’t miss out on all of their family and friends being there to share the moment with them. Joe never shows up and Terra is really bummed. While Tonya and Trevore are on the road to love, Terra shares that she feels like she and Joe might be that couple that never gets married, but stays together and has kids. Elena questions whether Terra would really be happy never having a marriage. Todd and Christy share their first dance as a married couple and Terra is overwhelmed with emotion.

The girls chat about how much Joe sucks and you can tell they all think she deserves better. Terra perks up a little for the bouquet toss, but some tall women end up catching it instead of her. Everyone is having a great time, dancing and celebrating. Tonya and Trevore are hanging out with Elena’s husband Preston, when Tonya decides to start asking him if there is a baby on the way. Elena doesn’t like this and compares it to when she spoke to Tonya’s ex. There is a little bit of an argument, but nothing heated and they work it out. But we still don’t know if Elena is pregnant! The wedding is a wrap.

Two months later, we check in with the Little Ladies of L.A. Christy and Todd are more in love than ever. They were very happy with how their wedding turned out and are currently trying to have a baby. Christy says she hopes to be pregnant in time to announce it to everyone on Traci’s wedding day. Please, let that be a joke! Traci still hasn’t re-invited Christy to her wedding, and if Christy was serious about her plan, I’d say it’s a good thing. She is however, counting down the days until she can sleep in the same bedroom as her future hubby. Tonya announces her and Trevore are still going strong. Elena tells us that she isn’t pregnant yet, but she is taking another test next week. And last but not least, Terra tells us that there are no wedding bells in her future, but her and Joe are in a good place.

As Terra said at the end… It looks like the wedding race is over and the baby race is on! This show has been so much fun to watch and recap. I hope we get to see the ladies again very soon!

Recap Author: Cecile O’Niel


Photo Credit: Lifetime

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