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So, maybe Benzino wasn’t as happy as we thought about having to relive his mother’s funeral and his subsequent shooting all because Mona Scott Young didn’t have Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s camera crew following his every move when the actual drama occurred. That would certainly explain why he’s calling out the show’s creator about yet another (yawn…) explosive and brawl-filled reunion. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right?

This season’s reunion just finished taping, and you’ll be surprised–shocked even!–to learn that Joseline Hernandez was involved in several physical altercations, including one with Benzino’s new fiancee Ho-thea Althea. Can you believe it? You could have knocked me over with a feather when I learned that Benzino was accusing Mona of instigating all of the drama for ratings. No way! 😉


Taking to Instagram, Benzino posted the above picture with a very telling (and long!) caption. He begins, “That A(tlanta) reunion was planned–all good though.”

Referencing the same photo that Stevie J. posted of Mona hanging out with the Puerto Rican princess immediately after she wreaked havoc on her cast mates, Benzino rants, “This was the pic that Mona Scott Young was taken right after the reunion! This was irresponsible on Mona’s behalf! Stevie posted it then once Mona called and told him to take it down he did!” 

The no-necked wonder continues, “After Jose ruined the reunion, the entire cast…all agreed 100 percent that Joseline needs to be stopped and she started everything!! Everyone up there defended me and Althea and said they do not want to shoot with Joseline.”

Taking Mona to task, Zino reveals, “Mona never called me, Althea or even Mimi [Faust] to find out if we were ok! But she went to Mr. Chows and had dinner with the animal smiling right after the reunion! SMFH, Something ain’t right and the truth will come out…#lhhatl #thisaintover”

Holding nothing back (this is why I love Benzino!), he concludes, “How can 40 security guards allow Jose to run wild and not contain her! I had about 7 on me alone!! Althea never once threatened anybody. It seems like the whole thing was a set up, but trust, they f*cked up!”

I love, love, love this, although I hope it doesn’t get Zino booted from future seasons. Mona needs to have her behavior called into question, don’t you think? 


[Photo Credit: Instgram]


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