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After a treacherous first hour of the Real Housewives of New York reunion there is lots to discuss!

In a surprising twist LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan are no longer friends as Sonja emphatically chose Team Ramonja over Team Sane and Sort Of Fun. Now LuAnn is weighing on all the drama discussed this week – including Aviva Dreschers issues and Sonja’s serious trouble with reality!

Ramona [Singer] is just a plain liar! Unfortunately for her, we have previous episodes to show the “REALITY.” If I’m a DRAG QUEEN (admirable occupation), she’s Cameron Diaz. . .LOL. Don’t worry we catch her in a lot more crap as the reunion progresses,” LuAnn begins.

“You have to love Ramona and how she deflects things and makes it about her hair when she just flung a wine glass at someone’s face. She tried to defend herself by saying it was plastic, but REALLY? Who throws a glass at your face, whether it’s plastic or not? Who DOES THIS? Ramona. . .with her you never know what your going to get.”


Moving on to Aviva, LuAnn is shocked by George, of course, and confused about Aviva’s logic. Aren’t we all. Just think ‘Leg Toss’ (and laugh!).

“I do find many redeeming things about Aviva — but George? Why would she ever think it was cool to bring her Dad around these LADIES?” LuAnn wonders. “George can be super cool and amusing, but I’m afraid to say, that’s not what you got to see!” 

“I was totally appalled by the meeting of Kristen [Taekman] and Aviva. Aviva said not to go there? And she DID? Talking like that in front of your kids? For me, the F-bomb is the worst example you can give to anyone — let alone your kids. I’ve always thought Aviva was more mature, but even I can be wrong sometimes. She is a great mother to her kids, I will give her that and. Reid is a lovely man.”

Now onto the asthma-gate. “When Aviva came down suddenly with asthma there was no doubt in my mind it was real! She was not very well and was suffering. I could see that,” LuAnn reports. “I wasn’t that defensive about it because of her previous history of phobias, of which she has many. They all have disappeared and unfortunately for her, they came back in one massive case of ASTHMA. Bringing out evidence of X-rays and doctors notes didn’t help her cause. I don’t know what she was thinking?” 

And finally, LuAnn weighs in on Sonja’s misbehavior. First up – the facialist from hell! “I cannot stand the facialist, I’ll call her that because because she doesn’t deserve a name! Spreading rumors like this is CLASSLESS!” LuAnn seethes. And Sonja is to blame for not dispelling them immediately! 

But Sonja has other things to worry about – clearly – like her over-arching delusion! “Sadly, for this moment in Sonja’s life, she is off the rails,” LuAnn says. “I’m sure she will get back on them! I hope that will be soon. Sonja and I are old friends, and there’s nothing better than seeing your friends do well! She’s a good girl and she has a lovely daughter to raise, so I’m praying, meditating — you name it!” But is LuAnn eliciting the services of a Christian Mystic to the Stars? Well then it doesn’t count! 

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