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Shannon Beador has had one heck of a dramatic first season on Real Housewives Of Orange County.

Her marriage exploded on camera, she was the subject of lies and backstabbing from supposed friend Tamra Barney, and Shannon brought out the worst in Heather Dubrow, who simply cannot accept an apology or be gracious. And it’s not over yet!

Tonight is the season finale and after an explosive confrontation with Tamra in Bali, the ladies return to Orange County, but the drama is anything but over. Shannon has no regrets, however, and shares that she returned from Bali a changed woman ready to conquer her marital issues! Does this mean a little less Dr. Moon time and a little more David is not in the guest room time? Let’s hope. 

“I went to Bali… I had some realizations while I was there about wanting to be a more peaceful person so I came home and started to implement those things. So you really don’t get to see it – maybe a little bit in the last episode,” Shannon shares.


 “My husband and my kids have noticed a difference. And I’m happy with the person that I’m becoming. Nagging and bitching – ladies – isn’t gonna get you what you want!” Shannon advises. Um… thanks. I think every Kathy cartoon and every episode of SATC featuring Charlotte York MacDougal Goldblatt already taught us that, but yeah! 

As for putting it all out there on camera, Shannon is fine with how she came across. For once, a Housewife who isn’t blaming editing! “I would do nothing differently,” Shannon admits brightly, “because I am who I am!” She tells Ok! Magazine, “I wouldn’t change a thing. I get myself in a lot of trouble. I put my foot in my mouth… What you see is what you get with me.” For once – I believe this. And I truly hope Shannon doesn’t change. I appreciated her being raw, honest, and authentic about her zaniness and her situations. 

Confronting the rumors of next season’s casting shakeup, Shannon doesn’t believe anyone is getting fired. “I assume everyone will come back – I don’t know why they wouldn’t,” Shannon says. I’m gonna guess Shannon will absolutely be back! 

And finally – the reunion. Shannon survived, but she doesn’t want to relive one single gory moment of her first reunion. “It happened – it’s over and it’s done with. And I’m not going to harbor all that negative energy. I’m gonna move forward.” 

PS – as for the rumors that Shannon has had a plastic surgery over-haul, in the video at OK! Magazine she looks the same to me. Seriously – and in my line of work I see a lot of plastic surgery. Ha!

Tonight is the season finale of RHOC and I cannot wait to see how thing unfold. Both Tamra and Vicki experience major life changes and a party at Vicki’s home turns into a showdown between the Beadors and the Dubrows. 

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