nicole napolitano and mom santa who may have slept with daughter teresa's husband!

Never has Real Housewives of New Jersey been so close to an actual soap opera. Not that I’m complaining – I’m a dishy, drama-loving girl, myself. Revenge, yes please! Speaking of which, Victoria Gotti seemed to be seeking some of that when she outed that Teresssssa Aprea‘s husband-turned ex-husband-turned re-husband Rino had once slept with his mother-in-lawSanta! Which is why the divorce happened. 

Rino already denied the rumors, but Teresssssa isn’t! In fact, while Teresssssa and twin sister Nicole Napolitano are calling Victoria disgusting and wishing karma treat her as needed, neither one of them are out-right denying that the alleged affair took place! 

“It’s so sad how other people need to build themselves up by attempting to take other people down,” Teresssssa states. “I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. To know me is to love me, to cross me is the worst thing you can do when it comes to the people I love.”  


“We all know what we signed up for with #RHONJ and being a Housewife…it’s not The Brady Bunch. Although for me, there is a line of respect I draw when it comes to parents and children. This scene was nothing but a total lack of respect — filth and lies,” Tersssssssa continues. “Shame, shame, shame on anyone involved. My family, my blood, my mother, my father, my sister, my nephews Anthony and Joey, my husband Rino, and my son Giovanni are my world, my loves, and my life. And so help me God, anyone that tries to hurt or destroy any one of them… ” 

“All I will say is there is God, and karma is a bitch. So beware, because everyone will get served exactly what they deserve, while I sit back peacefully.”  While Teresssssa condemns lies, she doesn’t specifically state what is a lie regarding Victoria’s allegations. 

Also wishing retribution on a certain rumor-starting mobster’s daughter is Nicole. “When it comes to that hideous conversation that took place with Teresa Giudice, Amber, and that blonde (who really must cut those hair extensions, because she looks like Grandma Strega from a bad porn movie)… In Italian households you can talk about many people and things, but a mother? That’s one thing that’s off limits. All I have to say is Karma’s a bitch!”

Hmmm… I find this while thing very interesting. It would not be in Victoria’s interest to lie about it – she could be sued for slander and libel. She probably told the powers-that-be at Bravo that she knew of the story ahead of time and they were itching to get it out on the show. Meanwhile, I imagine – IF TRUE – Teresssssa and Rino never imagined it would see the light of day on a nationally televised reality show. As the old saying goes: when you have skeletons in your closet (or your bank account) – stay off Reality TV! 

[Photo Credit: BravoTV]

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