NeNe Leakes Tax Lien

Everyone who watches Real Housewives of Atlanta is aware that NeNe Leakes is all about her catchphrases – especially when it comes to shading or shutting down her haters. So when I heard that NeNe had a “Trolls” inspired collection for HSN, I figured she was calling out her haters in some way. I mean, that would be a #TotalNeNeMove, but apparently NeNe just “designed” clothes inspired by the Trolls movie that’s coming out.

I don’t see what being a Real Housewife of Atlanta has to do with a movie about troll dolls or how the pairing translates at all, but as NeNe once said, she’s “rich, bitch.” I’m sure she’s going to bring in even more money from this random collaboration.


This pairing really doesn’t make any sense to me. I can’t envision NeNe having a passion for these dolls and then make a clothing collection around them. And based on NeNe’s interview with Us Weekly, I’m still not sold on her enthusiasm for trolls, but I respect her hustle to get that dollar.

I mean, this isn’t exactly a great way to explain your own collection, NeNe: “‘Really, the trolls?’ That’s how I felt when they said ‘the trolls,’but once we got into it, me and one of the designers really started loving it. There’s even a character that kind of looks like me.”

NeNe also admitted she never played with the troll dolls when she was growing up. I applaud the honesty, but that’s not justifying the collaboration to me.

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I also don’t get how this movie can translate to a clothing line without putting the characters themselves on the garments. But the article described some of the pieces: “a gray hoodie lined with purple fur, a black sequined pencil skirt, and a pink fringed poncho.”

That seems like such a reach, but maybe I’m just being a hater and trolling this line? See what I did there?

For anyone who is interested in the line, the clothes are available in sizes 2 to 24. NeNe explained, “We are clothing [for] women who eat and women who do not eat.” That aspect is something I wholeheartedly support.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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