Photo by Bravo

Photo by Bravo

Episode three of Southern Charmseason four has now aired, and some fans are disappointed about the amount of screen time that Kathryn Dennis has gotten so far, and it’s starting to look like a repeat of last season, where the bulk of the cast didn’t film with her. But it’s not just fans of Southern Charm that are wondering what’s up, Kathryn is not pleased either.

Kathryn says she is puzzled as to what she was shown in episode one of Southern Charm walking into take a drug test, and literally, the only words she uttered where “I’m Kathryn Dennis, and I’m here for a drug test.” Then, in episode two, Kathryn is seen dropping by Danni’s house to again, talk about drug tests, and then season three, she is again, stopping into an office, this time to chat about getting back into modeling, only to be asked about whether or not her children want to model.


“The most contact I’ve had so far has been with Craig and Naomie on the phone when they were in the car,” says Kathryn. “I’m not sure why I came back for season four if this is how it’s going to be.”

And it sounds like fans, like Kathryn, are tuning in each week to see if Kathryn will finally be interacting with the rest of the cast, because where is Kathryn seems like a common theme on Twitter.

“I really hope has more of this upcoming Monday! Kathryn is what makes the good show, great, in my opinion.”

And many people are saying that they simply watch the show to see Kathryn, and they are not pleased that Bravo is giving them so much Landon.

“I literally only watch to see keeping it real,& Landon being everything that’s wrong with young adults today.”

And what was with all of the Southern Charm previews that showed Kathryn with the rest of the cast, as opposed to the cast talking trash about Kathryn?

Photo by Kathryn Dennis/Instagram

Photo by Kathryn Dennis/Instagram

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And speaking of previews, at the end of tonight’s episode, Bravo shows a preview of the fourth episode of Southern Charm season four, and it seems as if Thomas finally has to admit that he was wrong, and Kathryn did pass her drug test, which allows her to have visitation with their children, Kensie and Saint.
And Kathryn says that while it’s nice to see so many fans wondering when she will be treated like a full member of the cast, and have an equal amount of air time, it’s hurtful to see that Bravo is still treating her differently, while using her, and her image to lure fans back.

“I wish someone would have let me know that for at least the first few episodes, I would be nearly invisible.”


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