Updated – Exclusive: Why Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis And Jennifer Snowden Are No Longer Friends

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Southern Charm season 4 starts tonight, and based on the season 3 reunion, fans know that series star Kathryn Dennis, and Southern Charm friend, Jennifer Snowden are no longer BFFs or even really friends at all, and Kathryn wants fans to know why the friendship with Snowden is no more.

Southern Charm fans will remember last season when it seemed like Jennifer was Kathryn‘s only friend and confidante, especially when she was booted from Whitney’s mom’s flamingo party for keeping Kathryn in the loop, but Kathryn says that in retrospect, Jennifer was always a double agent.

“The whole time Jennifer was on Southern Charm, she was allegedly still with her boyfriend of ten years, Lee, who is one of the nicest most genuine guys I know,” says Kathryn. “But what I didn’t know was behind my back, and behind Lee’s back, Jennifer was sleeping with Thomas [Ravenel].”


Southern Charm stat Kathryn Dennis says that even though she and Thomas Ravenel were on and off, she had believed that she and Jennifer were friends the whole time, and by sleeping with Thomas, Jennifer seriously broke girl code.

“Jennifer apologized for betraying my trust and sleeping with Thomas after I found out from someone else,” says Kathryn. “I forgave her, but realized I could no longer trust her or her motives.”

Then, according to Kathryn, especially after the Southern Charm season 3 reunion, the buzz started to increase that Lee might not be the father of Jennifer‘s child, and people were gossiping that it might be Thomas Ravenel, who is obviously the father of Kathryn’s children, Kensie and Saint. Kathryn says that this was obviously distressing.

Courtesy of Bravotv

Courtesy of Bravotv

And even though this was going to make things even more awkward on the set of Southern Charm, and around Charleston, Kathryn says that she understood that Jennifer was under a lot of stress, as her unborn child had been diagnosed with a possibly fatal condition known as brain encephalocele, a neural tube defect. So the two talked it out, and were friendly while Snowden was pregnant. Jennifer had even invited Kathryn to visit her, and they were in contact at the time that Snowden gave birth.

“So imagine my shock when I hear that there is a baby shower, and everyone is invited except me,” says Kathryn. “We were in touch, talking on the phone about babies and pregnancy at the time the invites went out, and I was once again frozen out.”

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And according to Kathryn, after the snubbing, Jennifer was asking the other Southern Charm cast members if they knew why Kathryn no longer wanted to be her friend. Really Jennifer?

But Kathryn said the thing that finally pushed her over the edge was the talk around town, and on social media after Jennifer started posting baby pictures of her son, and Southern Charm fans in particular noticed alarming similarities between Jennifer’s son Ascher and Saint Ravenel, the son of Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. On Instagram, under nearly every photo of Saint, people have snarky conversations about how much the two boys look alike.

“I’m going to comment this again. I’m sorry but @jennifersnowden your baby looks just like Katherine’s [sic] son? I [email protected] is the father of both these boys which is sad because Jennifer is supposed to be Kathryn’s friend. I think if I were @kathryndennis I would make Jennifer do a paternity test with both boys to see if they are related which i whole heartily believe. I also wouldn’t talk to Jennifer until she does. Side by side comparison of these boys are identical almost?”

“I was already exhausted from all of the rumors, and felt like a fool anyway, but this was too much,” says the Southern Charm star. “I had so much sympathy for Jennifer, and prayed for her and her baby, and still do, but there is far too much water under the bridge, and while I’ll be polite, I don’t think we can be friends again.”

Kathryn says she is puzzled as to why Jennifer continues to ask others on Southern Charm why Kathryn no longer wants to be friends, as she says that Jennifer knows exactly why, and should just move on passed the topic.

UPDATED: Jennifer responded on Twitter, denying the accusations. “Wow this entire story is an absolute lie. KD you seriously need 2 lay off the drugs. How much were you paid to make this up?Desperate sicko.”


Tonight is the premiere of Southern Charm! The fun starts at 9/8 CST! Tune in and join us in the comments!

“Summer is over and the hot mess express has rolled back into town. Thomas has full custody of his two children and has risen to the challenge of being a single dad, by mostly giving up his former playboy lifestyle. Shep, however continues to be Charleston’s perennial bachelor and now, thanks to Craig’s lying ways, has a new wingman, Austen. Not only does Austen look like a younger version of Shep, he’s also giving him a run for his money with the ladies. Cameran, meanwhile, is still determined to see Shep settle down and is convinced she knows just the girl who can reel him in. On the other side of town Landon, who after fleeing the rumors unleashed by Kathryn’s accusations, is back in Charleston with a new boyfriend and determined to turn her travel website, into a success. Meanwhile, after a stint in rehab over the summer Kathryn has returned, and according to Thomas, refusing to take a drug test. Or is she?”

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