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If you are looking for an excuse to get wasted on a Monday night, just take a sip of your drink every time Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson talk shit about each other on Real Housewives of Orange County. It would be a dangerous drinking game since it is pretty clear that these on-again-off-again friends are very much off these days and they are constantly insulting each other.

As expected, Tamra is not going to let her frienemy get away with the comments she made at her expense during the Season 12 premiere episode.

In her first Bravo blog of the season, Tamra recalled, “When Lydia [McLaughlin] started talking about Vicki I really didn’t want to tell her all the things that had transpired last year.” Sorry to break down the fourth wall, but couldn’t Lydia just watch the last couple seasons to know what’s going on in this friend group? Or she could have at least checked out Wikipedia for a synopsis.

Tamra explained, “I’m really trying to keep things in my life positive and I didn’t want Lydia to get involved. In my eyes it was over and I had moved on. Going to lunch with Vicki is not something I wanted to do. I didn’t know how to tell her.”

Well considering Lydia has never had a real story line, it’s pretty obvious she’s going to latch on to her self-proclaimed role as the “Friendship Whisperer” and try way too hard to push Vicki and Tamra together.

She continued, “I knew when I told Eddie [Judge] that Lydia asked me to go to lunch with Vicki he wouldn’t think it was a good idea. We’ve talked about this a lot and when someone starts attacking your family there is no going back. It really does come down to this…if someone has no problem lying about their life, they will have no problem lying about yours. That’s not the kind of friendships I want.” No one does, but that’s how life is as a Real Housewife: you need to hang out with people you can’t stand and discuss it at endless lunches with your actual friends and significant other.

Tamra said, “She’s had six months to call me and Eddie to apologize and she hasn’t.” Well, duh – the cameras weren’t rolling then. Why would she bother?

In between shit talking Vicki, Tamra discussed Shannon Beador’s weight struggle. Tamra said, “It breaks my heart to see Shannon so unhappy. We have become so close over the past two years and I’d have to say she has the kindest heart and is a wonderful friend. We talk a lot about what’s going on with her and I just want to see her happy with herself. I know she will lose the weight and I can’t wait to see her back to her confident self.”

And then Tamra got back to discussing Vicki and all of the awful things she had to say about her in the first episode of the season. Tamra said, “It seems like Vicki had a lot of negative things to say about me in this episode. Here are just a few of her immature comments that truly show her character: ‘Her gym that has an empty parking lot.’ ‘Who cares about her fitness competition? Go to work.’ ‘They’re not the popular girls. We’re the popular girls. They want to be like us and they can’t be.’ ‘Tamra has lots of skeletons in her closet.'” Vicki did not hold back. At all.

Neither did Tamra. “Vicki is truly delusional, she insults me, my husband, my business, my fitness competition and the relationship with my daughter, just in the first episode. Then says how SHE was done wrong and how I owe her an apology. PLEASE! It’s almost laughable. I think we all know why she has been called a liar.”

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