Does Peggy have Resting Bitch Face?

Like every other franchise, the ladies of the Real Housewives of Orange County know a little something about cattiness (I’m looking at you Tamra Judge), whininess (ahem, Shannon Beador), and alliance shifting. If you had told me after that Quiet Woman fiasco that Shannon and Kelly Dodd would be thick as thieves a few episodes later, I would have called you crazy! Yet poor OG Vicki Gunvalson remains outside the circle of friendship with Kelly and Lydia McLaughlin crossing over to her side of the playground for a cocktail…or colonics. Also, am I the only one who thought that was way much, even for Andy Cohen?

And then there’s newcomer Peggy Sulahian who has a sharp tongue, a fierce closet (and garage), and not the best grasp of common sayings despite majoring in English in college. Add in the women’s confusion over her breast cancer and her motivation for getting a double mastectomy (as if it is anyone’s flipping business!), and Peggy is ripe for hazing. However, she’s no shrinking violet with this group of yahoos.

In her blog, Peggy jokes about the ball voyage party and Doug’s snip present from this week’s episode. She begins, “Lydia caught on quite quickly that I didn’t know what a push present was. Wow, having kids and getting a present — double whammy! Sounds good to me. Let’s go, Diko! Gifts with interest…now, you’re in trouble. But in reality, Diko has treated me very well and has surprised me without occasion. He appreciates me and displays his love for me by lavishing me with presents. We are very fortunate to be able to afford these luxuries, but the gifts don’t have to be expensive. Even just a little book or funky slippers put a smile on my face because I know he is thinking of me.”

Recalling the dinner where the ladies did their best to push Peggy’s buttons, she appreciated Tamra’s remorse. She writes, “Tamra was very kind to approach me and apologize. It shows me that she is trying to connect and wants to build a friendship. She didn’t come forward in front of the others, but I guess an apology is better late than never. I guess I can see her heart is in the right place.”

Moving on to the question on everyone’s mind, Peggy questions Kelly’s loyalty to Vicki. She asserts, “Is Kelly friends with Vicki or not? I am so confused! Vicki attends to her, and as she is bringing forth proof of her illness, Kelly says, “Who carries their medical records around?” Well, I guess Vicki is feeling threatened enough that she needs to carry around proof. But when Vicki opens up and says she is going to die of a broken heart, my heart was crushed. In view of the life’s fragility, how can people treat each other so unkindly that we are breaking each other’s hearts to death? What? I’ll say it again, I don’t know what Kelly’s motive is, but I’m not sure it is to preserve friendships all around. She even stated that she has nothing against me while we were on the boat, but she was the one attacking me during dinner. She seems to think it’s okay to say anything that comes to mind. Perhaps she needs to get a filter and realize that the words that she uses have a lasting effect.”

Peggy then turns her frustration towards Shannon’s husband. While the exchange between David and Diko was awkward, I don’t think David meant any harm. I think he’s just extremely….awkward. He clearly can’t stand being on the show. Of their conversation, Peggy asks, “And what is it with David interrogating Diko? Did his questions come from a place of concern? It didn’t seem like it. I understand people’s confusion, and Diko clearly gave him an explanation that should satisfy him, but what right does he have to come out and ask if I had cancer or not?”

She continues, “Do we ask about your relationship with your wife? Surely, it is a touchy subject. We can all see that there is difficulty in their marriage, but we wouldn’t ask because it would be rude. Marriage is a sacred institution. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Diko and I have been married for twenty-two years, and I can tell you that marriages have difficult times. You have a million things on your plate and finding time to make your marriage work is important. If you are committed to the marriage and the connection with your spouse, you can work through it. I sure hope that Shannon and David make a go of it and work on their relationship. Nobody wants to see a broken family with children.”

She concludes her post with some thoughts on Meghan [Edmonds] and her mood swings: “Meghan finally admits that as a new mom, she is hormonal, very emotional, and doesn’t get much sleep. It is a good to hear that she knows where she is at and that in her state she may experience the world differently than the rest of us. Since I didn’t know her well before, I am going to assume that this emotional state will end.”

I’m going to venture a guess that this is Peggy’s soft side.


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