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Heather Bilyeu and Josh Altman

The girl who started out as Madison Hildebrand's assistant is now Josh Altman's fiance.

In the previews for Million Dollar Listing: LA, Josh is hinting that he may want to marry longtime love (like two season's worth!) Heather Bilyeu and I suppose the cat is out of the bag, cause he proposed!

E! News reports that Josh popped the question two months ago and the couple is thrilled to be planning a wedding.

Despite the secret proposal being leaked, Josh is still playing coy about the status of his relationship to Heather. "You will see more of our relationship develop this season," Josh hints to Wetpaint. And he's not alone!  "All three of us, in fact, are in romantic relationships, and they’ll play a big role in our storylines," he adds.



I don't know about everyone else, but I secretly love Below Deck. It's like Overboard, but behind the scenes from the servants' perspective. 

On this week's episode Kat Held purportedly got drunk during charter after some unruly and wasted guests sexually harassed her. The guests also happened to be friends with Kat's boss Adrienne Gang.

Instead of defending Kat, Adrienne confronted her about her alleged drinking and the two got into a heated issue in front of co-worker Sam Orme. Kat ended up confessing to Captain Lee that she actually takes anti-anxiety medicine and maybe went a leeettle too far with popping them to handle the stressful guests. But Kat is furious that Adrienne put her in the position to discuss her mental health with her co-workers and boss!

Kat still maintains she wasn't drinking during charter. Ok… Anyway here's what she has to say about the situation. 


Teresa Giudice Sings Copies Of Her New Book

With all the inquiry into Teresa Giudice's finances by the federal government it is inevitable that her earnings would leak!

Everyone has long speculated about how much Real Housewives make and Teresa is reportedly the second highest earner of the franchise next to NeNe Leakes

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has been reported as earning anywhere from $400 – $650,000 per season, but apparently she earns more. Much more!


Teresa and Joe Giudice arrive at federal court

Teresa Giudice is getting a lot of attention as of late for her alleged criminal activity.

Earlier we wrote that Teresa and Joe Giudice had hired separate defense attorneys to combat their fraud indictment. We speculated that it seemed uncommon to have separate attorneys as a married couple fighting the same charges and I commented that I believed Teresa and Joe were planning to have him take the heat so she could try to avoid a more serious punishment like jail time. Remember, Teresa has no priors. Joe, well – you know… 

In response to our story a criminal defense attorney (who does not represent Teresa or Joe) reached out to us to clear up some aspects of how the legal process works. The attorney we spoke to explained that it's "very common in criminal proceedings" to hire separate attorneys. Apparently many judges will not allow both parties to share legal representation because "as individuals, they have separate interests and those interests need to be protected."  



They say a tough situation determines your friends from your enemies! I guess you could say Teresa Giudice has a real friend in Kim DePaola. Who woudda thunk it?!

In response to Teresa's recent indictment, Kim is defending her friend and fellow Real Housewives of New Jersey star. "Knowing Teresa as well as I know her, and I think I know her, I don't think she would ever willingly do any of this," Kim insists to Us Weekly. 

Kim just doesn't think Teresa would knowingly take the risk! "She has four kids. I don't think she's capable of it. I think there's been a witch-hunt going on for a long time for her."

Rumor has it Teresa is setting up a defense that while she participated in what Joe Giudice was doing, she was pretty clueless about what she was signing, etc.


Teresa and Joe Giudice arrive at federal court

Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Giudice were indicted on 39-counts of money fraud earlier this week. Yesterday the couple was released on $500,000 bond each and it was discovered that Joe isn't even a U.S. citizen and faces deportation if convicted. So yeah, good times!

In August the couple meets back in court where both plan to enter Not Guilty pleas, but it's apparently Teresa will try to get out of jail time while Juicy does the dirty work. Hey – they do have four kids AND a reality television career to nurture!

Speaking of reality TV, Teresa's attorney Henry Klingeman is targeting Real Housewives of New Jersey as the reason Teresa and Joe are in such trouble. Oh rlllly… 


Teresa And Joe Giudice Court Appearance

Teresa Giudice is in big trouble! And not the kind of generic fodder for tabloids that usually erupts on reality TV shows. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has just been federally indicted on 39-counts of financial fraud along with her husband Joe Giudice. Teresa and Joe both plan to plead Not Guilty and it's clear Teresa is going to try and dumb her way out of this because she has a lot to lose in going to prison. Hey, Martha Stewart's career survived, maybe Teresa's can as well?

Reality Tea's source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that while Teresa is putting on a tough exterior, reality is for real hitting home for the Giudices and things are a mess! 

"Teresa and Joe are a nervous wreck," our source reveals. "Joe's parents went to court with him and Teresa today. Things are bad."



If ever there was a reason to say no to a proposal, it was an autotune-botched warbling of a wannabe Taylor Swift. And that proposal came courtesy of Gretchen Rossi. But of course Slade Smiley, who has been practicing the trickling of a single tear in the mirror for weeks, did not say no. Oh no … HE said yes! And it was all over-acted to puke-fection. 

So yeah, let's start there shall we with the Real Housewives of Orange County proposal that just went on and on and on and on. Phase One: Slade at work at his radio station pretending he has a job like doing things on the radio. I was always convinced he just put up some microphones in Gretchen's overly cluttered garage, but apparently Radio Slade is a for realz thing. 

Slade's partner announces a new song. A voice, a voice like mystic magic floating over clouds of heaven comes soaring over the airways. 'That sound…' gasps Slade staring off into the distance. I think someone has been watching The Sound Of Music… That voice, that he does not recognize because even WITH heavily deployed autotune it still sounds flat, plastic, and phony as hell (not unlike its owner), is Gretchen. And that song is asking him to marry him.


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