REPORT: Kim Richards And Brandi Glanville Get Into A Physical Altercation Filming For RHOBH!

brandi glanville and kim richards hug

Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville were once enemies, then friends, but now are they enemies AGAIN?! 

Sources report that at a recent filming event for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Brandi attacked Kim because wannabe sober coach Kim tried to stage an impromptu intervention about Brandi’s allegedly out-of-control drinking! OK, I use the term intervention lightly because what the source actually reported is that Kim hurled ““really nasty insults” (worse than “slut pig“?!) at Brandi about her drunki-drunkifers ways! And as a result Brandi launched at her. 

Brandi and Kim have had a love-hate relationship since the very first day they met,” says the source, who was present at the confrontation.“This fight was no exception.”


 The source, who obtained Brandi’s side of things, reveals, Brandi and Kim “were arguing when Kim decided to hit below the belt and started talking smack about Brandi being a drunken loser. That did it, Brandi just lost her mind and went after her. She rushed her and started punching and swinging at Kim.”

The source states that production broke it up quickly before any damage had been done. Of course Bravo cameras were there to capture the whole thing!

Brandi confirmed some sort of crazy drama occurred, tweeting, “Just pray pray I don’t go to jail for physical violence.” And, “I need to sleep but my head is spinning from crazy crazy rhobh drama.” However Brandi insisted that rumors of a fight between her and Kim are “not true.” 

And Lisa Vanderpump cryptically tweeted, “Always used to say”don’t believe everything you read ‘Now I say “Don’t believe ANYTHING you read.'” I have to wonder if it’s connected to this story. 

However the source insists that drama went down – and it’s all Brandi’s fault! “Brandi’s ego is huge this season,” the insider gabbed to Dish Nation. “She did Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and her book was a huge success. Her ego is out of control and the drinking only makes it worse. Get ready because this season is going to be the Brandi sh** show.”

Brandi previously leaked on twitter that she’s the target of Kyle Richards and Lisa ganging up against her as revenge for her role in tabloid cheating gate (aka Kyle finally got a storyline!) which made the entire cast turn on Lisa. 

How lovely – RHOBH, which is supposed to be about the fabulous and ridiculously elite   women in one of America’s wealthiest zip codes is now dropping down to Real Housewives Of New Jersey level! Even worse, the two women who can’t even afford to live in BH and certainly don’t represent the lifestyle are brawling at events. I hope Brandi at least wore her panties that day… 

OK, here’s my two cents:  Either this fight was staged (either with producer collaboration or between Brandi and Kim) for story lines, because they recognize the huge ratings Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore‘s fight brought in. Let’s face it – all the ladies are sick of Brandi and the two new Housewives reportedly want nothing to do with her. And Kim has no storyline to speak of and as her contract ends this year, she’s probably completely done for after this season unless she comes up with something. I did hear her daughter’s wedding will be featured, however. 

 Something doesn’t seem “right” about this – although, who knows – we’ve all seen how the Queen of Planet Trash goes “off” when she’s inebriated! Let’s hope Andy Cohen check mates this biatch after this! Plus, didn’t Rambles already try this whole sober coach intervention schtick with Taylor Armstrong… and we know how well that turned out. Newsflash: Celebrity Rehab is off the air, Kim! 


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