Amber Marchese Explains Crying; Why She Discussed Victoria Gotti’s Gossip To Teresa Giudice At the Project Ladybug Event!

amber marchese cries over teresa giudice legal issues

OK so, Amber Marchese is an emotional girl, but she means well guys. She just feels everything soooo deeply and she just wants everyone to get along, be happy, and love each other! So why the hell is she on Real Housewives Of New Jersey?! And Amber also has a lot to say… about everything! And everyone! 

On this week’s episode, Amber sobbed over tabloid stories that Teresa Giudice was going to jail and tried to reconnect with Bobby Ciasulli after making up with Nicole Napolitano. Unfortunately sweet innocent Amber is also dealing with being burdened by knowing a horrible secret about Teresssssssssa Aprea‘s mother and she’s not sure what to do with this sterling information… besides, you know, the obvious: bring it up in front of everyone! 

Amber reveals that she’s offended anyone would think less of her for reacting honestly – and she’s also offended that her heartfelt attempt to reconcile with Bobby was to mock her. 

“I find it completely offensive that Bobby shared my personal text to him in relation to what Bobby did to me and shared it to not only with Nicole, but also TeResssa, and then with the world,” Amber laments. “I was reaching out and he used it as a ‘look at me’ moment to impress the twins. My intentions and hope were to privately work things out, get through the B.S. and remain friends.”


Of course Amber feels Nicole is partially to blame. “This is where Nicole, if she was a good woman and friend, should have said, ‘She is obviously hurt, you should talk to her. You say she is like a sister, so hopefully you can work things out.'”

“You know, between this stunt and Nicole calling me in front of her co-workers on speaker phone, it just goes to shows how they behave like trash,” Amber says. “Bobby and twins are completely insincere and only care about themselves. Actions speak louder than words. Did you ever notice that not once so far this entire season have we heard from either one of them a cohesive, intelligent reasoning for their deplorable actions?”

 Of course, Jim Marchese, paragon of goodness, ethics, doing the right thing, and having an IQ over 12, is done with the amoral Bobby, but Amber believes in people – she’s like soooo inherently pure guys! “Jim is finished with little piss ants who put more importance on popularity than friends and family. However, I wanted to give Bobby a chance. What does Bobby do instead? Make my personal text to him a mockery. Jim was right, I should not have reached out to Bobby; he considered me a sister and yet did not want to talk.”

Amber now realizes the onus was on her to clarify to Bobby that their conversations were private – not that a famewhore knows anything about privacy! C’mon… “Nicole’s philosophy is if you don’t say, “Please don’t tell anyone,” then it’s OK to tell another person. No matter what the circumstance and the relationships involved. I guess, according to Nicole, everything that has gone down this season is OK to speak about, after all, everyone should know the truth. Then Nicole shouldn’t get mad when someone speaks about what goes on in her life. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say. Then it was certainly OK for Jim to tell everyone about the girl Bobby keeps in Florida. After all, Bobby didn’t say don’t tell anyone.”

Nicole did have a relationship with a married man, so why did she attack me and pretend to be shocked and outraged? Jim and I are very vocal, we recounted what happened because we have nothing to hide and stand by everything we have done. When you have something to hide, Nicole, yes, ‘silence is golden.’ You don’t want to twist the lies up,” Amber informs us. 

But Amber still isn’t done! She has to explain the tears streaming from her Tammy Faye Baker eyes and why exactly she pulled Teresa “I always tawk with my handses” Giudice aside at the Project Ladybuy event! 

First, the crying! “I was having a very rough and emotional day. I cannot share exactly what was going on yet, but I was going through a very difficult time,” Amber recalls. “I think it just all hit me at once, and I was displacing my fears and anxieties onto Teresa. Not that I do not care for her or her family, I truly do.”

“Honestly, I wish I was not so empathetic to other sometimes; I take on other people’s heartaches all of the time, and it greatly affects me,” Mother Theresa is drag makeup explains to us. 

“I do wish though that Gia, a 13 year old child, could have been asked to leave the room as her mother talked to both me and Melissa,” Amber adds. “I guess we have very different parenting styles. In my opinion, Gia should not hear adult conversations.” 

And now, onto Dina Manzo‘s planning party, aka the party where no one planned a thing except how to one-up each other and take each other down! Goody. Amber had to pull Teresa aside, because suddenly that telephony-thingy she owns stopped working! 

“I had not seen or talked to Teresa since being at her friend Victoria Gotti’s home where she shared that bombshell with us. I had no idea what to expect, especially after the attack at Bobby’s house,” Amber claims. “The best way to explain this to you is to bring you into my mind and have you walk through my thought process.”

Amber’s Thought Process. Below is an abbreviated version (you’ll thank me): 

1. The twins and I were working things out. Was Teresa going to say something? How was she going to handle it? I did not know Bobby and the twins were trash talking behind my back about reaching out to Bobby. I truly thought were working things out.

2. After what Bobby, the twins, and even Melissa did to me, I was not in a place that I trusted anyone. As I looked around the room, I thought not one person who knew I was attacked, not one, gave a sh–. They did not break it up. So, no, I was not trusting anyone at this point. With that in my mind, I found it suspect and odd that Teresa, who is good friends with Victoria, never heard this shocking piece of information. Was I being set up? AGAIN!?

3. More bizarrely we were just asked to go on vacation with the girls. Before I even considered going, I wanted to make sure that Teresa knew that first; I would not disrespect her or her friend and blab to anyone about what I was told. I wanted to be crystal clear that I did not know what she was going to do with this information, if anything, but I was not going to do a damn thing with it. I am sweeping it off my front porch!

4. What did Victoria Gotti gain by telling me this? Just why?! Still to this day it baffles me. Television time? Same thing you gained Amber

Finally, Amber wonders just how, with Teresa, knowing and Victoria being the one to share the news in the first place, she and Jim are being blamed for it seeing the light of day. Remember the twins are threatening to sue Jim for repeating it! #ThingsAreCrazyInTwinTown And she also wonders if Teresa G was somehow involved in setting Amber up… 

“Why do the twins blame me and Jim?” Amber wonders. “We did not know Victoria Gotti, so something seemed out of sorts. The meeting was way too coincidental for me. All I know is Teresa brought this rumor to my table, and I was asked to go to Florida with a group of girls who either attacked me or sat idly by as I was attacked…stay tuned.” 

Trust us – Teresa is a horrible actress (worse than you, Amber) she did not know that Rino and Santa rumor ahead a time. 

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